ARC Review: Every Day in December by Kitty Wilson

About the Book:

Title: Every Day in December

Author: Kitty Wilson

Page Length: 384

Publication Date: Aug. 20, 2021

Publisher: One More Chapter

Synopsis: Two people. One month to fall in love.

Belle Wilde loves December. Yes, she’s just lost her job and Christmas is not a good time to find yourself ‘financially challenged’. And yes, her parents are still going on about the fact that she really should have it all together by now. But Belle believes that in December, magic can happen.

Rory Walters hates December. Whilst it looks like his life is together, he’s still reeling from a winter’s night five years ago when his life changed forever. Now back at home, he’s certain that this will be yet another Christmas to endure rather than enjoy.

But as midnight on December 31st draws closer, Belle and Rory’s time together is coming to an end. With a little help from a Christmas miracle could Belle find the one thing she really wants underneath the mistletoe?

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My Review:

Every Day in December is such a wonderful read! The story follows Belle and Rory as they reconnect and teach each other about friendship, love, and the holiday spirit. There are so many dynamic characters in this story. Rory and Belle, of course, are fantastic. They are both well-developed, relatable protagonists with real issues and worries. Rory and Belle both struggle with their feelings, and guilt, fear, and uncertainty hold them back. They’re both so insecure, especially when it comes to being vulnerable and opening up to love. Each fears rejection, loss, and being hurt so much that it limits the connections they make with people and how far they’re willing to take their relationship. Rory, in particular, is burdened with guilt, and he has much to reconcile before he can truly move forward in life. I think both characters grow a lot throughout the story, and they are good influences on each other.

I love that Belle and Rory develop such a great friendship. Since they knew each other from college, the foundation was already there, but the way they reconnect is lovely. They care for and support each other, and they are so good for each other. They lift each other up, feel safe with each other, and their slow-building romance is absolutely wonderful. Though they are different in many ways, they complement each other well, and I think having no expectations other than friendship really allows them to be at ease with each other.

Belle often brings out the lighthearted side of Rory, and Rory offers Belle some normalcy in the midst of her often chaotic life and family. He shows her unequivocal support, which is something that few have done before, and Belle shows Rory how to live again. I love that both welcome each other into their fold, introducing them to the most important people in their lives. They spend a lot of time together in one month and really get to know and understand each other. This leads to a lot of enchanting fun and even more longing. They are definitely a couple you want to root for!

Other characters in the story are also well developed and compelling. I adored Rory’s mother! She is fun and funny, and she is very wise. Her story is emotional, and her love for life is fantastic. Belle’s goddaughter is another wonderful addition to the story, and I loved the scenes with her in it. She brings a bit of levity to the story, and her innocent enthusiasm is adorable. Belle has such a strong relationship with her goddaughter and is very committed to her, which says a lot about her character and what’s important to her. I think this endears her to Rory even more, much like Rory’s relationship with his mother endears him to Belle.

The holiday spirit is strong in this story, and it brings such a hopeful and positive tone to the book. However, I like that the author also highlighted how difficult the holidays can be for some people. I’ve lost people close to me, and I always find the holidays a bit bittersweet. I feel like the story shows the ups and downs of grief really well while not allowing it to overshadow the hopefulness of the season.

I also love all of the conversations about Shakespeare. Shakespeare is Belle’s passion, and she works so hard to bring her love of the Bard to students in her area. Her enthusiasm for Shakespeare is infectious, and she proves that we can still relate to the themes, stories, and sayings that Shakespeare created. As a former English teacher, I adored this part of the story! Belle inspires, and that’s a wonderful testament to her skill and sincerity.

A touching, slow-burn romance with wonderful characters and a heart-warming love story, this is a fabulous holiday read. This is my first read by Kitty Wilson, but it certainly isn’t my last! Thanks so much to NetGalley, One More Chapter, and the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!!
  • All of the Shakespeare talk.
  • The characters.

Favorite Lines:

Stop letting their view of you shape who you are, start to believe you are worthy of more.

I have a new friendship, a friendship that has opened my eyes a little bit to my value, I think.


I think this is a great story for people who like rom-coms or contemporary romance.

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  1. Wonderful review Julie. I like the themes in this one as well as the slow burn romance. Definitely going to add this to my Festive Reads in November.

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