Book Review: His Lady to Protect by Justine Covington

About the Book:

Title: His to Protect

Author: Justine Covington

Series: The Beggars Club #1

Page Length: 347

Publication Date: Feb. 14, 2020

Synopsis: The cost of his redemption is trust. Her trust…
When Nate promises to protect his best friend’s little sister from her traitorous uncle, he knows it’s the least he can do to atone for his past sins. And if a marriage of convenience is the most efficient way to guarantee her safety? So be it. He’s ready for anything…except how quickly his lovely new bride would steal his heart…

Susannah never intended to marry the man who led her brother to his death. The fact that she once loved him? Irrelevant. She just can’t allow herself to trust him again. But it’s not long before she starts to wonder if there’s more to Nate than meets the eye. What if he’s not the villain she assumed he was? And if that’s the case…can her poor, beleaguered heart survive another inevitable fall?

Nate and Susannah have much to overcome if they have any hope of finding their way to happily ever after. But what if trust is simply a luxury neither can afford?

Buy His Lady to Protect to read the first in an exciting new series centered around six friends from Eton and set in the infamous Regency period.

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My Review:

His Lady to Protect is an intriguing historical romance that follows Nate and Susanna as they get a second chance at love. The pair were close throughout childhood and their teen years until betrayal led Susanna to blame Nate for her brother’s death. Now, years later, Nate makes an arrangement to marry Susanna, much to her dismay. Can she ever forgive him for the past, and how will she feel when she learns the truth?

Nate and Susanna have a great second-chance romance! They have a long and complicated history, which takes time to unravel and resolve. There is a lot that stands in this couple’s way, particularly miscommunication, secrets, and lies. Their story progresses well, and I like how Susanna slowly learns the truth of her first love and all that he has done to protect her and her family even though it doesn’t initially seem so. It definitely changes her perception of and trust in him.

I didn’t always love the way Nate spoke to Susanna. He could be bossy and biting at times. However, his attitude probably stems from frustration about his situation and the tumultuous relationship he has with Susanna. Susanna is quite stubborn, and she is also very angry at Nate. Though they are in conflict for a lot of the story, it’s clear that Nate and Susanna care for each other, and I love that they get a second chance at what promises to be a long-lasting romance! And their chemistry is fantastic!

One particularly memorable scene in the book occurs when Nate and his mother speak about Nate’s older brother, who died in the war. Nate’s mother addresses the guilt that burdens Nate and tries to assuage his guilt. It is a touching and tender scene between mother and son, and it shows how intuitive and loving Nate’s mother is. They have a lovely relationship, as do Nate and his sisters. All of these characters add so much to the story, and I enjoyed them as much as I did Susanna and Nate.

Though the story focuses on the romance between Nate and Susanna, there is also a bit of intrigue. Nate is out of his element and seems to be floundering in his quest to take down Susanna’s nefarious uncle. This aspect of the plot is really interesting, and I was curious to see if Nate would ever find a way to defeat such a despicable and conniving man. I was also intrigued by some of the men who helped Nate in his quest and am hopeful that we’ll see more of them in future books in the series.

Overall, I thought this was an entertaining historical romance and a great start to The Beggars Club series. I look forward to reading more of The Beggar’s Club series and am thankful to Leslie at Chasing Leslie and the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • Nate’s mother and sisters.

Favorite Line:

This strong, amazing woman was his. And he would walk through the hottest fires of hell to give her everything she deserved.


This is a good read for people who enjoy historical romance with a bit of intrigue and/or a second chance romance.

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