ARC Review: The Last Goodnight by Kat Martin

About the Book:

Title: The Last Goodnight

Author: Kat Martin

Series: Blood Ties #1

Page Length: 400

Publication Date: October 26, 2021

Publisher: Kensington

Synopsis: With the first in a brand new, high-octane romantic thriller series, New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin stirs up a hornet’s nest of lies, adultery and murder as a betrayed husband and a private detective investigate his estranged wife’s disappearance.


When Kade Logan said goodbye to his estranged wife eight years ago, he never thought it would be the last time he saw her alive. Now her car has been hauled out of a nearby lake and Kade is determined to track down the man who murdered her. Enter Eleanor Bowman, a talented private investigator who’s about to stir up a hornet’s nest on his Colorado ranch.

With old scandals still buzzing about his late wife’s many affairs and new violence erupting, Kade is faced with the discovery of another beautiful woman’s body. Are the two killings linked? Who is the man who seduced, then murdered both victims? Ellie believes they are dangerously close to the truth.

From corporate Denver high-rises to posh Vail mansions, Kade and Ellie sense the killer is closing in again, and this time Ellie is the target. Kade must risk everything to save the woman he’s coming to love—before she becomes the next one to die… 

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My Review:

The Last Goodnight follows Kade Logan and Ellie Bowman as they try to unravel several mysteries, including who murdered his wife and who is harming his ranch. We briefly met Kade in One Last Kiss, the prequel to this series. A strong, hard-working man, Kade had a small role in the prequel, but he made a big impact. He continues to do so in this book as he searches for his wife’s killer and falls in love with the investigator. Kade is hunky and bossy and a bit old-fashioned in his opinions, but his sometimes overbearing qualities usually come from a place of love and protectiveness.

Ellie is smart and skilled, and she blends in well, which helps in her investigation. Posing as a cook at the ranch, Ellie uses all of her skills and resources to help Kade. I like her resourcefulness and her unwillingness to change. She is a strong woman who knows what she wants in life and love, and she won’t settle for less. I also like that she is an understanding person. Ellie becomes friendly with several people on Kade’s ranch, including Kade, and her innate ability to read people and offer support is fantastic.

The romance between Ellie and Kade is an instant attraction that leads to more. Both have experienced bad relationships in the past and are hesitant to commit to a relationship, which isn’t shocking since they’ve both been cheated on and betrayed. Kade and Ellie have tremendous chemistry, and they make a really good team. I liked watching them grow closer to each other and learn to trust in their feelings.

The intrigue in the story is suspenseful and has a few surprising twists and turns. I had fun trying to figure out what really happened to Kade’s wife, who was tampering with his ranch, and whether the collective incidents were related. When another person turns up dead, the stakes grow even higher. Kade fears for Ellie’s safety and will do anything to protect her, but he doesn’t know who to protect her from. The mystery is interesting and complicated, and as old secrets are revealed, new problems continually arise. It makes for a suspenseful and intense read!

This is a great new series for romantic suspense readers, and I look forward to continuing the series. I would definitely recommend it to people who like hunky cowboy alpha makes, smart and independent women, and sexy romances. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Kensington Books, and Kat Martin for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The mystery!


I recommend this book to lovers of romantic suspense and contemporary romance.

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  1. The few surprising twists and turns definitely catch my eye as I love that in a mystery. Sounds like a wonderful read that I will have to keep in mind. Excellent review!

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