Book Review: Christmas at Silver Falls by Jenny Hale

About the Book:

Title: Christmas at Silver Falls

Author: Jenny Hale

Page Length: 263

Publication Date: Oct. 15, 2019

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: White Oaks Inn has always been at the heart of Christmas celebrations for Scarlett Bailey and her family. Her adored gran has owned the rambling, old-fashioned hotel, filled with the scent of cinnamon and chocolate, since Scarlett was a little girl. But now her gran’s home is under threat. And it looks like it could be the Baileys’ last Christmas together there…

Over the holiday season, amidst much-loved festive traditions of baking cookies and decorating the tree, Scarlett throws herself into saving the hotel. When she hears that Charlie Bryant, a handsome, successful property developer, is spending December in Silver Falls, Scarlett is hopeful he might be the answer to their problems.

When they meet, sparks fly between impulsive Scarlett and business-like Charlie – as they both have very different ideas for the future of White Oaks. Scarlett is determined to show him how much White Oaks Inn means to her family and the guests who return there every year and, as they spend more time together, she begins to realize there is more to Charlie than his serious appearance…

But Charlie is struggling with a secret from his own past. Will he be able to face it, or will it stop him from truly opening up and getting close to anyone? And can Scarlett share the true meaning of Christmas with him and save her gran’s beloved hotel along the way?

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My Review:

Christmas at Silver Falls is a heartwarming holiday romance! I read the book in one sitting and loved the characters, setting, and touching moments. The story follows Scarlett Bailey, who returns to her grandmother’s inn for what may be the last Christmas there. Scarlett has such fond memories of the wonderful family gatherings they’ve had at White Oaks Inn over the years, and she is devastated to hear that it’s not making enough income to stay open. Could this be their last holiday together there? Not if Scarlett can help it!

When Scarlett hears about Charlie Bryant, a property developer, she thinks he could be the answer to her prayers. Will this ruthless developer help her save White Oaks Inn before it’s too late? Scarlett is uncertain, especially after she learns of his plans for the town. And how will the pair deal with their growing feelings for each other?

Scarlett and Charlie are great protagonists with a wonderful, holiday-infused love story. Scarlett has a strong relationship with her family, and I love how they bring Charlie into their fold. Charlie is going through a lot, and he came to Silver Falls to hide from something. He has built up a lot of emotional walls, and it’s interesting to see Scarlett and the rest of the Silver Falls inhabitants break through them. Though Scarlett and Charlie have different feelings about the future of Silver Falls, I think they learn a lot from each other. They have amazing chemistry, and even when they disagree, you can see the sparks flying!

The town of Silver Falls sounds so quaint and charming, and I could easily imagine visiting this magical place. The shops, the inn, the Christmas party, and the wonderful sense of community add such warmth and festivity to the story, and it is a great backdrop for Scarlett and Charlie’s romance. There is another romance in the story that I really liked too that involves a friend of Scarlett’s. I always enjoy love stories that flourish during the holidays. It’s so special and magical and romantic!

A story about family, love, and holiday magic, this is a great story to read while curled up next to a warm fire. It definitely got me in the Christmas spirit with its touching moments, wonderful love story, and amazing setting. Special thanks to Forever Publishing for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The holiday charm.
  • The setting!


This is a great story for readers who like contemporary romance or holiday romance!

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  1. I just checked my kindle app and apparently, I have this book. I like the theme of family, grandma’s Inn, return home etc. around Christmas. This sounds wonderful. I think I need to make a list of all the Christmas books I have on my tablet that I haven’t read yet. Great review, Julie.

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