Book Review: Levkaseon by Sarah Westill

About the Book:

Title: Levkaseon

Author: Sarah Westill

Series: Gen-Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria (prequel)

Page Length: 145

Publication Date: Nov. 4, 2021

Synopsis: The enemy is closer than she realizes…

When a sudden outbreak of human rabies syndrome threatens Haven City, Ciarra Jonatis finds herself in an awkward dilemma. She needs answers, fast, and only one man can help her find them. The one man she loved, lost… and betrayed. As Shield Guardian Levkaseon, she’s responsible for the city’s health, there’s no room for personal conflict, or regrets.

Falsely imprisoned to ensure his silence after discovering an attempt to weaponize the HRS virus, Terran Kaine agrees to assist on the promise of his release and national protection. His rare touch-based talent gives him a unique advantage, allowing him to see inside the human body and identify specific pathogens. But nothing turns out to be easy, especially his freedom. Conflicting anger wars with desire and Terran is faced with a difficult choice. Forgive Ciarra, or let the past dictate the future.

Emotions run high as their buried passions surface. A distraction they can’t afford as treachery finds them at every turn and their research begins to unravel a dangerous truth. One an elusive enemy will kill to keep hidden. Either they trust each other, or lose everything…

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My Review:

Levkaseon is a prequel novella for the Gen-Heirs: Guardians of Sziveria series and follows exes Ciarra Jonatis and Terran Kaine. Ciarra inherited her title and job as the head of Health Services from her father, and she has noticed some unusual activity related to the Human Rabies Virus. Fearing a mutation, variant, or something worse, Ciarra enlists the aid of the only person that can help her, her medical empath pathologist ex-husband, Terran. However, it will take some convincing since Terran was falsely accused and imprisoned five years ago, and Ciarra didn’t stand by his side. Will they put the past behind them and focus on the crisis at hand? And how will the pair deal with their unresolved feelings for each other?

This is such an intriguing novella and a great prequel to the series. The story offers so much insight into the Human Rabies Virus and the highly addictive drug that plagues the city. Terran and Ciarra suspect that attempts are being made to weaponize the virus, and they must work together to get to the heart of the matter. The stakes are high, and the closer Ciarra and Terran get to the truth, the more endangered their lives become. This makes for an intense and suspenseful, high stakes story, especially when they realize the threats are closer than they imagined.

Ciarra is a complex and layered character. Intelligent, if a bit naïve, especially when it comes to those she loves, Ciarra shoulders a lot of responsibility. She is also dealing with a difficult and sickly parent and her feelings for her ex-husband. Terran is dynamically developed and interesting as well. He is an intelligent and intuitive man who is determined and honorable. He has gone through so much and is angry and hurt by what happened, and it’s interesting to see how he handles his conflicting feelings while juggling his new responsibilities.

I absolutely loved the romance between Ciarra and Terran! Lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers, this couple has a complicated history filled with love, loss, betrayal, and more. Ciarra and Terran both have to face what happened in the past, how it affected their relationship and feelings, and decide if they have a future together. They have such great chemistry and some wonderfully steamy moments, and their longing for each other is swoon-tastic! I love how hard Ciarra works to earn back Terran’s trust and forgiveness and that she admits to her past mistakes. They definitely have a special bond and a deep longing for each other, and I love how they work their way back to each other.

A quick and intriguing novella, Levkaseon is a great start to this unique series. A mix of paranormal, science fiction, and romance, the story is compelling, the world-building is immersive, and the characters are fantastic. Plus, the romance is positively swoon-worthy! I would definitely recommend the series to readers of paranormal romance and romantic suspense!


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The world-building.
  • The intrigue and mystery.


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