Book Review: An Artful Deceit by Holly Newman

About the Book:

Title: An Artful Deceit

Author: Holly Newman

Series: The Art of Love #1

Page Length: 241

Publication Date: June 28, 2022

Publisher: Oliver Heber Books

Synopsis: What happens when a Duke is mistaken for a Viscount—on purpose?

Add that to two Michelangelo sketches, hidden passages, vanishing and reappearing art, threatening messages, conniving art collectors, arrogant academicians, a Bow Street agent, a lovelorn couple, and an elderly prankster.

It’s enough to give a Duke a headache.

Miles Wingate, the Duke of Ellinbourne, was not supposed to be at the Dowager Duchess of Malmsby’s house party. He was supposed to be in London preparing for the spring opening of the Royal Academy of Art, yet here he was, a stand-in guest for his injured cousin, Viscount Redinger.

This was taking family loyalty too far. The only rational person at the house party was Miss Ann Hallowell, the Duchess’s granddaughter, and as his luck would have it, his cousin’s intended!

Thrown together when he’s mistaken for his cousin, Miles and Ann join to unravel the house party mysteries. But every time they pull one mystery thread free, another appears, for seemingly everyone has a hidden agenda—including the Duchess! 

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My Review:

An Artful Deceit is the first book in The Art of Love series, and it’s a fun story with intrigue, humor, and romance. Ann and Miles are well-developed protagonists who form an instant connection upon meeting. I liked Miles and Anne, and I thought both were unique and unconventional characters. They both face social and familial pressures while still staying true to themselves, and it’s clear from the start that they are a well-matched pair.

I liked the romance between Anne and Miles, but I wish there were a bit more of it because, at times, the mystery overshadowed the love story, and I’m all about the love story. Plus, Miles and Anne’s time together is romantic and filled with great conversation and banter, and I just wanted to see more of it.

I always enjoy historical romances that take place at a house party, so I was delighted when Ann and Miles became embroiled in an intriguing mystery while at the same house party. Subterfuge, pranks, and enigmatic house guests with unclear agendas add to the intrigue, and the twists and turns and characters who enjoy shenanigans make solving a mystery even more complicated.

Overall, I enjoyed this read. It’s a quick and sweet romance with likable characters, an interesting mystery, and some great conversations about art. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The mystery.

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