Book Review: The Scandalous Vixen by Tracy Sumner

About the Book:

Title: The Scandalous Vixen

Author: Tracy Sumner

Series: The Duchess Society #2

Publication Date: Jan. 6, 2022

Publisher: WOLF Publishing

Synopsis: In this enemies-to-lovers Regency romance by award-winning author Tracy Sumner, a bold lady and a ruthless duke realize they need to agree to an ardent alliance to get what they want.

He knew at first sight.
She knew at first kiss.

Helena Astley, Lady Hell to the ton, has plans. To control her father’s shipping business, to live her way, by her rules. Her plan is going remarkably well until one ill-advised kiss invites the duke she doesn’t want but cannot resist into her life.

Hardnosed Roan Darlington, Duke of Leighton, cares little for society or finding a duchess. The only person ever to challenge him is the incorrigible, infuriating Helena Astley. The one woman he’s never been able to forget. When they’re caught in a ruinous situation, Roan offers her an alternative. A sham engagement she can break off after Christmas.

As they discover a world of forbidden pleasure, Helena must decide if she can relinquish a heart she vowed to withhold from the only man powerful enough to seize it.

And Roan must decide if falling madly, passionately in love is worth the risk.

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My Review:

A captivating enemies-to-lovers romance, The Scandalous Vixen is the second book in The Duchess Society series and follows Roan Darlington, the Duke of Leighton, and Helena Astley, a pair who met years ago and have a tumultuous history. Roan has been in love with Helena for years, ever since he was a young man. However, he lost his chances and became her adversary when she overheard him speaking unflatteringly about her.

A wealthy business owner who is often looked down upon because of the career she inherited from her father, Helena has never forgotten Roan’s humiliating words. Known as Lady Hell by the ton, Helena butts heads with Roan every time they see each other in polite society, but Roan wants to make things right. A proposition to accompany Roan, his sister, and his friends to his country home forces the pair to face their long-standing feelings for each other. But will Helena and Roan forget the missteps of the past and embrace a future together?

Roan and Helena have an amazing, chemistry-laden romance, and I loved every minute of it. They are both such interesting and layered characters, and their history is long and filled with angst, frustration, anger, and pent-up desire. I love how this couple challenges each other, and their conversations have the best banter – quick-witted, passionate, and, oftentimes humorously antagonistic. The sparks between these two are impossible to ignore, that’s for sure! They are so well-matched, and I really like that their relationship is a give and take between equals. Roan never treats Helena as anything less than the intelligent, capable woman that she is.

Throughout the story, it feels as if Roan will do anything to prove he is not the irresponsible and immature man Helena first met. Sometimes, I don’t think he even realizes that’s what he is trying to do, but her animosity toward him definitely affects Roan. Helena struggles to forget the hurt she felt by his comments when they were teens. The woman sure knows how to hold a grudge, but this grudge shows how deep her feelings for Roan really run. It’s so lovely to see them slowly grow closer, open up to each other, and face their feelings. Their transition from squabbling enemies to begrudging allies to lovers is so well done. And oh my word, the scene where they have their first kiss is super swoon-worthy and filled with so much chemistry! Get a fan, because you’ll need it! There’s so much emotion and desire between them, and it really shows.

This is a fabulous addition to the series, and I adored Roan and Helena’s love story! They make enemies-to-lovers look good! Other characters in the story are equally intriguing, and I’m eager to read the next book in the series. This story hints at the next romance, and their chemistry is as supercharged as Roan and Helena’s. Plus, it has a forbidden element that promises some intriguing obstacles.

Though this is the second book in The Duchess Society series, it can easily be read as a standalone. I read this book before I read the first book and easily followed the story. That being said, as soon as I finished this book, I got a copy of the first book and began reading it. I was so intrigued by the main couple from The Brazen Bluestocking and needed to read their love story! Thanks so much to NetGalley, Tracy Sumner, and WOLF Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The layered characters.

Favorite Line:

Marriage is like an infection with you people. Everyone’s contracting it.


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    1. Oh my gosh this is one of my new favorites! I just read the first book in the series, The Brazen Bluestocking and loved that one too. Highly recommend if you like historical/regency romance.

        1. Also, I have a giveaway coming up for both books. Paperback copies for a US winner and ebooks for non-US. It starts on Thursday, so you could always try your chances here.

          1. Thanks, I will watch for it as I can’t find them at my library although other books of hers are there. Thanks, Julie.

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