Monthly Wrap-Up: December 2021

Hey there! It’s time for my monthly wrap-up for December. I had such a productive reading and reviewing month. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to, as December was kind of a busy month for me, but I always manage to find time to read. lol Usually, it’s when waiting for my kids and after they go to bed, and I spent many nights staying up entirely too late because I was so immersed in a story. Let’s check out some of the fantastic books I read and reviewed, as well as some other fun posts.

I Read 21 Books!

I Posted 20 Reviews!


4.5 STAR:


3.5 STAR:

Other Fun Posts!

How was your December? Did you read any stand-out books that you’d recommend? Did we read any of the same books? Comment below!

23 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: December 2021

  1. Thanks for the shout out for The Scandalous Vixen! And Brazen Bluestocking! I’m loving writing the series. Happy New Year!!!

  2. What a great month of reading! I’m so glad we buddy read TBK last month. I can’t wait for more from that series 😍 Also, I’m pretty excited to check out Frozen Hearts and Death Magic. This cover is so stunning! I hope you have a great year of reading ahead!

  3. Great job this month! I am reading The Traitor Queen at the moment and it is so good!

  4. Wow!! That’s an amazing reading
    Month! I managed to finish one book- Eye of the World. It was a chunk though! Haha. So many of these I want to read!

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