The Kingless Crown + The Broken Realm by Sarah M. Cradit is on Sale!

The Kingless Crown + The Broken Realm is on sale from January 10-16, 2022! I love Sarah M. Cradit’s books and can’t wait to dive in to this trilogy! The Kingless Crown (Book One) is $0.99 & The Broken Realm (Book Two) is $2.99!

About the Books:

  • Series: Kingdom of the White Sea
  • Author: Sarah M. Cradit
  • Genre: Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Grimdark Fantasy, NA Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy
  • Books: 3 (Complete Trilogy)
  • Tropes: Evil King, Arranged Marriage, Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Powerful Women, Unique Magic System, Protectors, Different Worlds, Opposites Attract, Dark Secrets, Poison Mistresses, Medieval Fantasy, Revenge, First Love, Found Family, Forbidden Romances, Shapeshifting Heroines, Epic Quests, Dark Sorcerers, Light Sorcerers, Epic Worldbuilding, Chosen One
  • Triggers: Violence, Sexual Assault (not graphic), Incest (implied, not on page), Death
  • Series Cover Artist: Regina Wamba
  • Series Graphic Artists: Alexandra Curte, Stephanie Brown, Lauren Richelieu, Steffani Christensen
  • Map Designer: Melissa Stevens of The Illustrated Author

The Kingless Crown: A crown woven together by lies.
A kingdom with the power to unravel them.

Four Reaches. Four brides. Only a fortnight separates the young women from becoming reluctant queens of the usurper king, Eoghan Rhiagain.

Twenty years earlier, King Eoghan’s father cunningly devised marriages between the highborn sons and daughters of the oft-warring Reaches, sealing the unions before they could protest, shattering existing betrothals in place of forced alliances.

Now, Eoghan, the cruel boy king who stole his crown through murder, demands the eldest daughters of these unions. To accept is unfathomable. To refuse is treason.

The lords and ladies of the kingdom have no choice but to prepare their beloved daughters for the horrors ahead. But they’ll soon discover there are no longer any daughters left to present. All four have disappeared, painting the world with their rebellion.

Theirs is not the only rebellion. Across the kingdom, little fires light within. From the enigmatic sorcerers in the northern mountains, to the magi who both wield and regulate the kingdom’s magic, and beyond… to a place where two prisoners are not what they seem.

As the Reaches ready themselves to face the king, the kingdom hovers on the edge of chaos.

And there are many who recall, in candlelit secrecy, tales of a time before… 

The Broken Realm: The crown demanded everything. The kingdom will answer.

Chaos paints the White Kingdom. Missing children, dead nobles, and a daring escape have created an upheaval that threatens the future of the entire realm.

The lords and ladies are armed with a powerful secret weapon as they prepare to make a stand against the crown, but the resistance has plenty to overcome before they can claim triumph. The lord-less Westerlands prepares for war with the formidable Quinlanden Guard spreading their men and cruelty to every corner of their Reach. In the Easterlands, the sorcerer Mortain cultivates his ominous influence over the enslaved Saleen, a decisive threat he could unleash upon the kingdom with a snap of his finger.

To the kingdom, it appears as if these assaults on their freedom are cosigned by the crown. It seems only a matter of time before the king’s victory becomes total.

But from his isolated throne in Duncarrow, King Eoghan has discovered his authority is not absolute. There are other powers at play, as sinister as they are resilient. Those close to him curate the facts he is fed, keeping him tucked away in the dark while they issue orders in his name. As his control spirals, and opposing forces gain ground, the king’s fragile resolve turns to desperation.

Yet, across the kingdom, a quiet but powerful awakening of magic is taking place. One that began generations ago, on a cold night in Duncarrow…

About the Author:

Sarah is the USA Today and International Bestselling Author of over forty contemporary and epic fantasy stories, and the creator of the Kingdom of the White Sea and Saga of Crimson & Clover universes.

Born a geek, Sarah spends her time crafting rich and multilayered worlds, obsessing over history, playing her retribution paladin (and sometimes destruction warlock), and settling provocative Tolkien debates, such as why the Great Eagles are not Gandalf’s personal taxi service. Passionate about travel, she’s been to over twenty countries collecting sparks of inspiration, and is always planning her next adventure.

Sarah and her husband live in a beautiful corner of SE Pennsylvania with their three tiny benevolent pug dictators.

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“This is the new series Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for!”

– Melanie, Melanie’s Muses

“The Kingless Crown” by Sarah Cradit dragged me into a murderous land filled with magic, mayhem, and mystery, leaving me breathless. I found myself held captive by a world filled with uncanny characters driven by lust, power, and a fiery need for independence despite ancient rituals dictating their lives. Cradit has no doubt established herself in the epic fantasy genre with this novel. I cannot wait to return to the Kingdom of the White Sea. I’m hooked!

–Greg Wilkey, bestselling author of YA and NA Fiction

“Cleverly crafted, the Kingless Crown is the perfect introduction into Sarah’s new immersive and intricate new high fantasy world. A riveting tale of suspense, secrets, and magic you won’t want to put down. I’m looking forward to the next installment.”

– International Bestselling Author R.L. Weeks

“A riveting, thought provoking, intelligent, and dynamic story that would easily fill the void for any Game of Thrones fan. Cradit not only delivers, she excels. The first of an epic series that will no doubt have a cult following. Simply superb.”

– Award winning author Julieanne Lynch

“One word. PHENOMENAL. A must read! Completely sucked me in from page one. 10/10!”

– Aubrie Nixon, Fantasy Author of Secret of Souls


– Christine Lee, Author of Wolf Bound

“Captivating like gold. Mesmerizing like diamonds. A new fantasy to trail blazes like Sarah J Maas and Leigh Bardugo!”

– Laura, The Literary Vixen and #NerdGirlVixen

“Full to bursting with rich story telling, intrigue, and much, MUCH more that is quite masterfully woven into an epic fantasy rivaling the best the genre has to offer.”

– J.S. Craig, author of The Chronicles of Benjamin Bright

“Game of Thrones meets The Selection, if The Selection was a bit more twisted, makes The Kingless Crown a must read for lovers of Epic Fantasy.”

– Susan Harris, International Bestselling Author

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