Book Review: Bound by Firelight by Dana Swift

About the Book:

Title: Bound by Firelight

Author: Dana Swift

Series: Wickery #2

Page Length: 448

Publication Date: Jan. 18, 2022

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Synopsis: After a magical eruption devastates the kingdom of Belwar, royal heir Adraa is falsely accused of masterminding the destruction and forced to stand trial in front of her people, who see her as a monster. Adraa’s punishment? Imprisonment in the Dome, an impenetrable, magic-infused fortress filled with Belwar’s nastiest criminals—many of whom Adraa put there herself. And they want her to pay.

Jatin, the royal heir to Naupure, has been Adraa’s betrothed, nemesis, and fellow masked vigilante . . . but now he’s just a boy waiting to ask her the biggest question of their lives. First, though, he’s going to have to do the impossible: break Adraa out of the Dome. And he won’t be able to do it without help from the unlikeliest of sources—a girl from his past with a secret that could put them all at risk.

Time is running out, and the horrors Adraa faces in the Dome are second only to the plot to destabilize and destroy their kingdoms. But Adraa and Jatin have saved the world once already. . . . Now, can they save themselves?

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My Review:

Bound by Firelight, the second book in the Wickery series, picks up shortly after the conclusion of the first book. Adraa has been falsely accused of masterminding the events from the first book, and she is imprisoned in the Dome. After a debacle of a trial, almost no one believes in Adraa’s innocence, but Adraa is certain magic is at play. Ever devoted to the woman he loves and wants to marry (if he can ever get enough courage to ask her), Jatin is determined to prove Adraa’s innocence and break her free from the Dome. With help from friends and a few unexpected allies, can Jatin rescue Adraa before it’s too late? Also, is it a coincidence that she was sent to this unscrupulous place, or are there even more nefarious happening than Adraa ever expected? The stakes are high, and lives are at risk as Adraa and Jatin fight their way back to each other.

After reading and loving Cast in Firelight, the first book in the Wickery series, I jumped at the chance to read Bound by Firelight. This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2022, and I loved it! There’s so much action, suspense, and intrigue, and the characters are amazing! Plus, it has a really unique magic system, which is expanded on in this book, and the romance is wonderful.

The story is told from both Adraa and Jatin’s perspectives, which is great considering they spend a lot of the book separated and trying to find their way back to each other. Their journeys are so different, yet each is compelling, and they complement each other well. I found myself attached to both Jatin and Adraa’s arcs and couldn’t wait to see if they ever reconnected and how they would fix all of the issues that plagued them and their world.

Both Jatin and Adraa have grown so much throughout the duology, and I like how their respective journeys and their journey as a couple progressed. Jatin becomes a stronger and more confident leader, and Adraa never stops fighting. Both Adraa and Jatin go through so many trials and tribulations, and the stories are intense! Adraa’s time in the Dome is frightening and unpredictable and violent, (and really fascinating. The magic in this part of the story is so cool!) and her life is in constant danger.

Even before entering the Dome, Adraa’s life and the lives of those around her were at risk. It seems as if danger follows her and Jatin, as they are constantly faced with seemingly impossible obstacles. However, both characters prove strong, determined, and resilient. Jatin and Adraa do not give up no matter the odds. They are survivors and leaders, and they fight against the powers that threaten to destroy them and the people and places they love, which makes for a super suspenseful, fast-paced, and action-packed read.

I absolutely adore the romance between Adraa and Jatin! Though they spend much of the book apart, their feelings for each other shine. The way he feels about Adraa is *chef’s kiss* perfection. From his bumbling attempts to propose to his fierce determination to free her from prison, Jatin’s feelings for Adraa are unwavering and lovely. They have some wonderful, tender moments that highlight just how much they care for each other, and they were positively swoon-worthy! Adraa and Jatin have both grown individually and as a couple, and though it’s the end of the series, it feels like their story is just beginning.

Another relationship that I found intriguing is between Adraa and her sister Prisha. Prisha has a substantial role in this book, and you really get to understand her more and see the layers of their relationship. This sibling relationship, like many sibling relationships, is complicated and messy, but the love between the sisters is strong. Other characters and relationships, new and old, are compelling and poignant too, and I like how much they added to the story. Much like its predecessor, this book has great messages about the bonds of family, the strength of friendship, and the immense power of love.

I loved Bound on Firelight and thought it was a brilliant sequel to the Wickery series. This isn’t a standalone, but I would definitely recommend the books to readers of YA fantasy. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Dana Swift, and Delacorte Press for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The magic.
  • The suspense and intrigue!

Favorite Lines:

Blame is easy to pass around, but it’s also hard to get rid of.

To save others, sometimes we have to save ourselves first.

There is no destiny, only a path of choices.


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Cast in Firelight

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  1. This duology is absolutely gorgeous and I think it sounds like a wonderful read with everything I hope for whenever I open a new book. Excellent review!

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