Book Review: The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews

About the Book:

Title: The Homewreckers

Author: Mary Kay Andrews

Page Length: 448

Publication Date: May 3, 2022

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Synopsis: Summer begins with MKA, in this delightful summer read about flipping houses, and finding true love.
Hattie Kavanaugh went to work helping clean up restored homes for Kavanaugh & Son Restorations at eighteen; married the boss’s son at twenty; and was only twenty-five when her husband, Hank, was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Broken hearted, but determined to continue the business of their dreams, she takes the life insurance money, buys a small house in a gentrifying neighborhood, flips it, then puts the money into her next project. But that house is a disaster and a money-loser, which rocks her confidence for years to come. Then, Hattie gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: star in a beach house renovation reality show called “The Homewreckers,” cast against a male lead who may be a love interest, or may be the ultimate antagonist. It’s a question of who will flip, and who will flop, and will Hattie ever get her happily-ever-after.

Filled with Mary Kay Andrews’s trademark wit, warmth, junking trips, and house porn, The Homewreckers is a summer beach delight.

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My Review:

A story of friendship, family, and finding yourself, The Homewreckers follows Hattie Kavanaugh, a young widow who has thrown herself into her career after tragically losing her beloved husband.  A contractor who specializes in fixing up old homes, Hattie reluctantly agrees to star in an upcoming reality show to help recoup the losses from a failed project.  On a tight time crunch, Hattie must work with a charismatic designer and a determined producer to get the house remodeled and tv ready.  However, one disaster after another strikes as Hattie and the rest try to fix up an old and condemned beach house, and a mystery from the past becomes a dangerous and revealing situation that threatens everything Hattie is working towards.  

I love Mary Kay Andrews books, and The Homewreckers is no exception.  Every time I read a book by Andrews, I want to move down south and soak up the sunshine and beautiful scenery.  Of course, I hate the heat and humidity, so it probably wouldn’t be the best idea,  but I love how Andrews brings the setting to life.  It’s so easy to immerse yourself into this quaint and unique area, especially Tybee Island.  

The characters are as vivid and compelling as the setting, especially Hattie.  Hattie is a great protagonist, and I became really invested in her story.  A bit lost and broken since the tragic death of her husband, Hattie goes through a lot over the course of the story.  She is a strong woman who juggles a lot, and her life is a whirlwind of responsibility. She is trying to find herself, prove her worth, make a success of a new career opportunity, sort out her feelings about several possible love interests, and deal with a mystery that has haunted the town for years.

The mystery of what happened to a beloved teacher with many secrets, is another intriguing aspect of the story, and it’s uniquely tied to the property Hattie invested in.  There are many twists and turns in this mystery, and several characters seem suspicious.  It’s interesting to see how this part of the plot unravels, especially as Hattie and the other characters learn more about the missing teacher.  They find out pretty quickly that things aren’t always what they seem in this quaint town.  A missing person, anonymous threats, and suspicious and potentially dangerous activity put Hattie and those closest to her at risk, which, in turn, puts her career and life in jeopardy.  

Though the romance is not the focus of the novel, it is a lovely addition to the story.  Hattie’s love life has been almost non-existent since the death of her husband, and she seems almost stuck and unable to move on.  I like that she begins to heal and has more hope for her future.  With several men interested in her, Hattie has options, and she slowly realizes who she wants to put her heart on the line for.

I also love the relationship Hattie has with her in-laws, especially her father-in-law.  They have such a wonderful connection, and even though Hank is gone, they are still family.  It’s great to see families like this that stick together and support each other. They love each other unconditionally, which stands in stark contrast to some of the other more toxic relationships in the story.  

This is a great story by Mary Kay Andrews and might be my favorite by the author.  Of course, I say that after reading all of her books, so I might be a bit biased.  A perfect blend of mystery, romance, and drama, The Homewreckers is a fun, intriguing, and engrossing read.  Special thanks to St. Martins Press and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the book.  All thoughts are my own.


Favorite Parts:

  • The characters.
  • The mystery and intrigue.
  • The messages.

Favorite Lines:

Never fall in love with anything that can’t love you back.

The only shame in making mistakes is if you don’t acknowledge them and learn from ’em.


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  1. If you hate humidity, Savannah is definitely not the place for you 😉. I loved this book too. Andrews never disappoints! Excellent review!

  2. Wonderful review, Julie. I love how she adds in storylines for various genres. Stories about Home Renovations are always interesting to me. I am looking forward to reading/listening to this book soon.

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