Book Review: Highland Jewel by Celeste Barclay

About the Book:

Title: Highland Jewel

Author: Celeste Barclay

Series: The Clan Sinclair Legacy #3

Publication Date: Aug. 2, 2022

Publisher: Oliver-Heber Books

Synopsis: Is age just a number?

Magnus Mackenzie hasn’t been to Dunbeath Castle in nearly three years. Eager to see the clan he fostered with and to visit with his half-sister, Siùsan, he welcomes a trip to visit the Sinclairs. Barely escaping a doomed betrothal, Magnus intends to put the near disaster behind him. He’s unprepared for the beautiful woman he meets just beyond the castle gates. Saoirse Sinclair is not the lass he remembers.

Is beauty only skin deep?

Saoirse Sinclair was fond of Magnus when she was a child. He was kind and fun loving, but the man who arrives to stay with her family stirs feelings in her that he never has before. Doubtful about their age difference, Saoirse’s family is less than supportive as the couple draws closer. But when an inexplicable illness threatens to steal Magnus from her, Saoirse is determined to use her healing skills to protect the man she loves and the future they plan together.

Can this unlikely couple prove everyone wrong?

Clan rivalry and failed alliances threaten to end their relationship when it’s barely begun. Determined to create a long life together, Magnus and Saoirse battle her family’s skepticism and an outside force that’s determined to prevent another Sinclair-Mackenzie bond.

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My Review:

Highland Jewel is the third book in The Clan Sinclair Legacy, a historical romance series with dynamic characters and wonderful romances. The story follows Saoirse and Magnus as they reconnect and fall in love. What will they do when their age differences, their family, or the outside forces threaten to keep them apart?

Saoirse and Magnus are the protagonists in this story, and they are both layered and compelling characters. Saoirse is a healer for the clan, and Magnus is returning after several years away. I enjoyed their romance. They have a lovely connection and deep respect for each other, and I like how they see each other in a new light. Magnus and Saoirse are drawn to each other, and their devotion and chemistry are fantastic.

I didn’t really understand why the clan was so against this pairing. They’ve known Magnus for most of his life and already treat him like family, so their lack of support seems unfounded. Other obstacles stand in their way, including a threat on Magnus’s life, which makes him very ill. Magnus and Saoirse prove stronger than the obstacles that threaten to tear them apart as she works to save him, and they show the clan just how much they care for each other.

The story has a ton of characters and a lot of explanations of who they are, how they’re related and connected, and more. It does overwhelm the story at times, and I was a little confused since I didn’t read the books in the original series. That being said, many of the secondary characters are well-developed and interesting, and I like that the story delved into their feelings, relationships, and more. For those who did read the series, it will be nice to see how the couples and clan have grown and changed as years have passed.

There’s a bit of intrigue as well, and Magnus seems to be the target of some unusual threats. It’s interesting to see Magnus, Saoirse, and the rest of the clan try to figure out why Magnus is in danger and who is behind the deadly threats.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Oliver Heber Books for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.




Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The character development.

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