Book Review: Birthright by Kathryn Amurra

About the Book:

Title: Birthright

Author: Kathryn Amurra

Series: Soothsayer’s Path #3

Publication Date: Sept. 2, 2022

Synopsis: The daughter of a patrician woman who chose to marry beneath her class, Nerilla has witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of following your heart. Determined to correct her mother’s mistakes, she has carefully selected the perfect patrician man to wed. The fact that the man is only marrying her to obtain her father’s legendary sword Ceres, which is to serve as her dowry, is of no consequence–that is, until that very sword is stolen right out from under her nose by a handsome thief with a charming smile and innocent eyes.

As an orphan with no memory of his birth parents, Jovian has been searching for the truth about his parentage for as long as he can remember. When a soothsayer tells him that to uncover the key to his past he must seek out the sword called Ceres, he can hardly believe his luck, for he has already stolen that sword from its owner. Unfortunately, he has also already sold it to a man bound for Neapolis.

A chance meeting between Nerilla and Jovian results in what they both know is an ill-advised arrangement. As they work together to find the sword, they discover secrets from their pasts that make them question everything they thought they knew. And they find themselves having to choose between pursuing the perfect plans they’ve laid or risking failure for the chance of achieving their true birthright.

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My Review:

The third book in the Soothsayer’s Path series by Kathryn Amurra, Birthright is an enchanting and engaging historical romance. Determined to reconnect her mother with her estranged family, Nerilla decides to marry a patrician, thus ensuring her and her parents’ role in the upper echelons of society. She believes this will help reunite her mother with the people who cut her out of their lives because she married beneath her. However, when her dowry is stolen, Nerilla takes it upon herself to retrieve it with the begrudging help of the enigmatic man who originally stole it. Nerilla and Jovian form a tentative alliance as they travel across sea and land, and as their feelings for each other deepen, they both must face ominous prophecies, secrets from their past, and more.

Nerilla is such a fantastic protagonist, and I loved her growth throughout the story. She becomes so empowered during her journey, and she learns a lot about herself, her past, her family, and what she truly values in life. Jovian is fantastic too. He is complex and dynamically developed, and there is so much more to him than meets the eye. At first, he appears a scoundrel and a thief. However, as the story progresses and his journey with Nerilla develops, we see an honorable, thoughtful, and insightful man who also has mysteries in his past. Adopted at a young age, he has little recollection of his life before, but, as he travels with Nerilla, he learns more than he ever expected about himself, his history, and Nerilla’s unknowing connection to it.

And the love story between Nerilla and Jovian is positively swoon-worthy! I always love a good enemies-to-lovers story, and this one is great! Nerilla and Jovian have unbelievable chemistry from their very first meeting, and their banter is spot on. I love how their relationship progresses and grows and changes as they travel together. It’s as if, while on a physical journey, they both go on a poignant emotional journey too, both individually and as a couple.

I liked many of the secondary characters as well, including Nerilla’s parents and Jovian’s mother, and, of course, the soothsayer. They all add interesting dynamics to the story. Nerilla has such a lovely relationship with her mother and father, who clearly adore her, and I love that this relationship is highlighted throughout the story. There is nothing her parents wouldn’t do for her. However, Nerilla is desperate to reconnect her mother with her estranged family. It’s interesting to see her go from a woman who feels like she’s missing something by not having the acceptance of her elite family members to embracing her life and learning what is really important to her.

Nerilla longs to be accepted, but because her father is a plebeian and her mother’s family is patrician, this seems improbable. There are still so many prejudices and hierarchies in society, and her father is often looked down on because he is a working man. It doesn’t matter that he’s successful and wealthy, he is still not considered an equal in the eyes of society. The story highlights these class issues and prejudices so well, and I love how the author contrasted Nerilla’s parents to the rest of the family. They are so different, and the love, support, and inherent goodness of her parents shine through, especially when compared to Nerilla’s selfish, manipulative, cruel, and power-hungry extended family.

I loved this story, as I love all the books in the Soothsayers Path series. It’s a wonderful historical romance with a setting I don’t usually read about in historical romances, compelling and dynamically developed characters, and an intriguing plot. Plus, the romance is fantastic!

Special thanks to Kathryn Amurra for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The setting.

Favorite Lines:

There is always room in our hearts for more love.

You must always endeavor to know what you fear. You cannot run away from it. You cannot ignore it. It is only in knowing what we fear that we are able to overcome it.”

When you unburden yourself, you will find that you’ve unburdened others, as well.”

And when she looked at him as she was doing now, with love and tenderness in her eyes, he felt she was put on this earth only for him, and he wondered what he could have possibly done in his life to deserve such grace.

“The future is a better place to put your mind than the past.”


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