Book Review: Blood Union Part Two by Vela Roth

About the Book:

Title: Blood Union Part Two

Author: Vela Roth

Series: Blood Grace #6

Publication Date: Oct. 26, 2022

Synopsis: An ancient magic will put their love to the ultimate test.

When Lio brought Cassia to the land of their allies, he believed nothing would threaten her or their fated Grace bond. But a nameless enemy has ensnared her in a conspiracy reaching as high as the Imperial Court. With the Empress out for Cassia’s blood, will Lio abandon his path as a diplomat and unleash his fangs?

Although Cassia is now a fugitive, she can’t flee to safety until they uncover the secret that could change the fate of two continents. Their path leads into a treacherous desert where long-forgotten magic threatens to tear her apart from Lio forever. Can she find the hidden power within herself to survive?

Steamy romance meets classic fantasy worldbuilding in Blood Grace. Follow fated mates Lio and Cassia through their epic love story for a guaranteed series HEA.

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My Review:

Blood Union Part Two is another engrossing and intriguing addition to the Blood Grace series. I loved it! Cassia and Lio go on an epic journey as she avoids arrest, searches for clues about her sister, meets new enemies and allies, and more. It’s exciting and suspenseful, and there are so many surprising twists and revelations that I didn’t expect.

Cassia and Lio have a love story even more epic than the journey they go on. Steamy, sexy, and sweet, their romance is incredible. This is a couple that would do absolutely anything for each other, and they stand by each other no matter what. They fight for each other so hard, and the depth of their bond is unquestionable. I love their romance. They have the most wonderful partnership, and the way they feel about each other is swoon-worthy. (The way they show each other is too! lol)

Though Cassia and Lio have been in a relationship for a while now, they still go through their share of trials and tribulations. The story shows the couple growing together and learning more and more about each other, whether they are together or apart. Their romance is the epitome of finding your soul mate.

At one point in the story, Cassia says that she could fill a page with the different words for love, and I think that is shown so well throughout this book and series. Sisterly love, familial love, romantic love, friendships, and more are explored deeply and beautifully. I feel like the idea that we love in so many ways with so many different people and connections in our life is really powerful, and it’s something that Cassia realizes as she forges new relationships and works to reconnect with her sister.

Speaking of new relationships, there are several new characters introduced in this book, and they’re fantastic. I feel like the secondary characters are as layered and interesting as Cassia and Lio, and I became invested in their stories and journeys too. It’s also interesting how these characters impact Cassia and Lio as they try to find Cassia’s sister and how Cassia and Lio find allies in some very unexpected places.

Cassia also learns some really shocking things about herself, her ancestry, her sister, and more. I was so surprised at some of the revelations, and there are a few climactic scenes that I was so excited to read! I’ve been waiting for a couple of things to happen, and they finally did, and they were amazing and everything I hoped for! Now I’m curious to see what Cassia’s next moves are going to be.

Something else I love about the series is that the world is always growing. Cassia is a fugitive, and she is desperate to find her sister. Both of these things lead her and Lio to a dangerous desert where she’s confronted with a new magic and dangers. It’s intense and suspenseful, and it takes the story in several unexpected directions and places. Each new location is richly described, and the descriptions are so vivid. And if you love Orthos, have no fear! We get Mak’s point-of-view in this book and see what’s happening politically and with the families. I love Mak and Lyros (definitely another favorite romance in the series), and it is interesting to see what Mak and others are doing in Orthros while Cassia and Lio are away.

This is a fantastic addition to the series and definitely one of my favorites. So much happened, and the addition of different magic and magic beings (love it!), as well as the exploration of relationships, old and new, is unbelievably engrossing. I couldn’t wait to find out if Cassia would get captured, if Lio would give up his role as a diplomat to protect Cassia, and if they would find Solia. I found out all I wanted and so much more!

Thanks so much to Vela Roth for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The world-building.

Favorite Lines:

The different words for love took up an entire page, Cassia discovered.

“Hello fear,” she said hoarsely. “I see you’re wearing a new face, but I know you. And you’re no match for me.

He was her weakness. He was her blessing.

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