Book Review: Some Dukes Have All the Luck by Christina Britton

About the Book:

Title: Some Dukes Have All the Luck

Author: Christina Britton

Series: Synneful Spinsters #1

Page Length: 368

Publication Date: Nov. 8, 2022

Publisher: Forever Pub

Synopsis: Ash Hawkins, Duke of Buckley, no more wants to marry than he wants a stick in his eye. As the owner of a gaming hell, he is all too aware the odds of a happy marriage are against him. But raising his three rebellious wards alone is proving more than he can handle. He needs to find someone who stands to benefit from a marriage of convenience as much as he does. Someone logical, clinical, and rational. And in a stroke of luck, he quite literally stumbles over just such a woman.

After years of ridicule for being more interested in bugs than boys, Bronwyn has accepted that she’ll never marry for love. Her parents, however, are threatening to find her a husband. Bronwyn doesn’t need any scientific research to show her Ash has secrets. But his proposal would give her the freedom to continue her entomology research and perhaps finally get published. Just as long as she can keep her mind on her work and off his piercing eyes, broad shoulders, and wicked, wicked tongue.

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My Review:

This is such a great new historical romance by Christina Britton. I loved Bronwyn and Ash, Ash’s wards, the beautiful and romantic setting, and the swoon-worthy love story!

Miss Bronwyn Pickering prefers insects to people. Passionate about her entomology research, Bronwyn has accepted that she will not marry, especially after a disastrous experience years ago. However, her social-climbing parents are relentless in their pressure to see Bronwyn wed. When she bumps into the handsome Ash Hawkins, Duke of Buckley, she never expects that her life will irrevocably change, but a marriage of convenience with him is just what Bronwyn needs to be free of her parents and to continue studying the subjects with the hope of getting her work published.

When Ash travels to Synne in search of his runaway wards, he has no intention of marriage. However, he needs someone to help him with his rebellious wards, and when he meets the intriguing Bronwyn, he finds his solution. Ash offers Bronwyn a marriage of convenience with no emotional attachment, but he quickly realizes it’s an impossibility because Bronwyn is more than he ever hoped for.

Bronwyn is such a unique and interesting character, and I loved her passion for insects. She is an entomologist, and her knowledge of insects is immense. Bronwyn is not a people person and often feels awkward in social settings, but when in nature, she comes alive. There are some great scenes where she shares her enthusiasm for insects and the natural world with Ash and his wards that not only highlight her intellect, but also her growing relationship with Ash and the girls, and the beautiful setting.

Synne sounds like a gorgeous place to live, and I can see why Bronwyn and Ash’s mother love it so much. It’s a great backdrop to the story, and the landscape adds to the romantic feel of the story. Though Ash has haunting memories of the island, he slowly comes to appreciate its beauty. Poor Ash! He has a traumatic backstory, and I can see why he pushed everyone away. The guilt and regret and shame he feels consume him, but the more time he spends with his wards and Bronwyn, the more he lets the walls he built around his heart crumble.

The secondary characters are also entertaining, especially Ash’s three wards and Bronwyn’s friend group. Ash’s wards are a handful! Rebellious and incorrigible, they are hellions in many ways. I like that Bronwyn sees past their outrageous actions and words and seems to deeply understand the root of their behavior. She doesn’t believe she’s good with people, but her kind and caring ways prove otherwise. Bronwyn’s friends are fabulous too, and I can’t wait to read each of their stories! I love books that show strong female friend groups who lift each other up and support each other. Bronwyn is lucky to have found these amazing women, especially considering her parents’ are increasingly restrictive and hurtful in their treatment of her and in their pressures to have her marry someone of esteem.

Ugh. Bronwyn’s parents are the worst! There are several antagonists in the book, and I hated Bronwyn’s selfish, social-climbing mother and father. They are so phony and mean, and the way they treat Bronwyn is inexcusable. Neither Bronwyn nor Ash have the best parental influences (with the exception of Ash’s mother who was exceptional), and I think it connects them at an even deeper level.

Bronwyn and Ash have a wonderful, slow-building romance. This marriage of convenience turns into so much more as Ash remains on Synne to get his wards and new wife acclimated to their new life. I love how Ash and Bronwyn grow together, and the way Ash supports Bronwyn’s interests and encourages her is outstanding. He is so interested in what she does, much to her surprise, and he shows her in so many ways how much he admires her. It just makes their budding romance even more swoon-worthy!

Thanks so much to Forever Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The setting.
  • The secondary characters.

Favorite Lines:

“I may be rubbish when it comes to people,” she answered softly. “But if there’s one thing I know, it is that love and acceptance can heal just about any wound.”


Some Dukes Have All the Luck is a great read for people who enjoy historical romances!

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