Book Review: Hunter Avenged by N.J. Walters

About the Book:

Title: Hunter Avenged

Author: N.J. Walters

Series: Forgotten Brotherhood

Page Length: 344

Publication Date: Jan. 16, 2023

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Synopsis: t’s taken Viking hunter Sven Knutson six frustrating months to find her. To track down the angel responsible for compromising the Forgotten Brotherhood and waking the drakon. She may be clever. Resourceful. But no one ever gets away from Sven. Ever.

All Rivka longed for as an angel was a chance to serve on Earth and help humans. Instead, it all went impossibly, horribly wrong, and she still doesn’t understand how or even why. All she knows is that she’s on the run—not only from Heaven’s dangerous elite guard, but also from the Brotherhood, who want answers.

She might just have to trust the immortal Viking whose icy blue eyes make her feel almost wickedly human. Because someone wants Rivka dead and the Brotherhood eliminated. Someone powerful enough to take on the most dangerous assassins who have ever lived. Someone who could unleash the fury of both Heaven and Hell…and Rivka is the key.

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My Review:

This is an exciting and action-packed addition to the Forgotten Brotherhood series and follows Rivka, a hunted angel desperate to clear her name, and Sven, the hunter tasked with finding her. 

We met Sven in the previous book, as he is the son of the protagonists. I was curious to learn more about him, his new role in the Brotherhood, and his relationship with his parents. He’s a warrior and so fierce, yet he has a tender side too. Rivka is also intriguing. She is an angel and an intellectual – kind of like a librarian angel, which is so cool and unique. Rivka has been wronged on so many levels, yet she never stops fighting to prove her innocence and worth. They are both well-developed, and I enjoyed learning more about this unique world through their eyes.

Rivka and Sven have an instant connection, and their chemistry is great from their first meeting. You wouldn’t expect an angel and a warrior to have much in common.  They are so different in their beliefs and personalities, yet they fit together well and defy the odds. They have a fabulous enemies-to-lovers romance – sexy, steamy, and exciting. And the way Sven feels for Rivka is so swoon-worthy. He loves her intellect and courage, as well as her physical strength and fighting skills. He sees her for who she really is, which is so wonderful, especially considering how she’s been treated by others. And the sense of belonging that Rivka gives Sven is wonderful, too, and something he lost a long time ago.

The story has a lot of action and an epic showdown as Rivka and Sven try to evade their foes, find a way to clear Rivka’s name, face the antagonists that have plagued them and many of the characters in the series, and begin to grow feelings for each other. It’s an intense and dangerous ride filled with intrigue, cool magic, amazing battle scenes, a bunch of different supernatural characters, and more.

I also like that a handful of the characters from the previous books are in this book and have roles in what happens to Rivka.  However, you don’t have to have read their stories to follow this one. Each book in the series is meant to be a standalone. I’m not sure if this is the conclusion to the series, but it did have a feeling of finality to it, and the ending wrapped up well.  I would definitely recommend the book to paranormal romance readers and am thankful to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for providing me with a copy of the book.  All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The supernatural elements.
  • The action!

Favorite Lines:

If there was no time for the pleasure of life, what was the point of living?

Knowledge was often the deadliest weapon one could wield, and her brain had always been her finest asset.

Heaven and other angels be damned. They didn’t need her, but he did. Among them, she was an outcast. With him, she’d always come first.

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