Book Review: Kiss the Rake Hello by Tracy Sumner

About the Book:

Title: Kiss the Rake Hello

Author: Tracy Sumner

Page Length: 98

Publication Date: June 6, 2023

Synopsis: Cortland DeWitt is the most infamous second son in England. Twin to a duke, he thankfully lost out on the ducal title by a mere three minute’s grace. And he’s never looked back, living his life with one rule and one rule only: no attachments.

But to Alexandra Mountbatten, the fearless woman who’s known him since childhood, Cort is merely the loathsome boy next door. What happens when she realizes he’s grown into an intelligent, stunning, stubborn man?

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My Review:

This is a short, sweet, and steamy historical romance novella and a great addition to The Widow Rules series.  It follows Alexandra Mountbatten and Cortland DeWitt as the reconnect and find love.

Alex and Cort knew each other as children. Alex always saw him as the annoying younger boy next door, not realizing Cort teased and tormented her because he was in love with Alex even then.  Now adults who haven’t seen each other in years, Alex is newly widowed while Cort has recently returned from war. Deeply attracted to Cort and now a widow with a bit of freedom, Alex asks Cort to teach her about intimacy, something she never learned in her marriage. 

Though it’s a short novella, the story touches upon some serious issues like PTSD, the after-affects of war, the gender inequities women faced, and more.  Cort’s time at Waterloo changed him, and he still struggles with PTSD, and Alex has interests that she can’t fully embrace because of societal dictates.  Luckily, they find a lot of support in each other.

Alex and Cort are fantastic together, and Cort most definitely teaches his long-time love about intimacy.  I swear, Sumner writes the most swoon-tastic kissing scenes, and her romances are always super steamy.  I loved Cort and the fact that he had pined for Alex for so many years.  And Alex is great too. She was totally oblivious to Cort’s feelings when they were younger, but now that they are older, she is smitten too.  And their five-year age gap doesn’t seem so large now that they’re adults.

Overall, this is another fun and romantic read by Tracy Sumner, and I’m thankful to have received an advanced copy of the story.  My only complaint is I wish it were longer! All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • Cort!!!

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