Book Tour Review: The Marriage List by Ella Quinn

About the Book:

Title: The Marriage List

Author: Ella Quinn

Series: The Worthingtons #8

Publication Date: December 27, 2022

Publisher: Kensington Books

Synopsis: As part of a large, rambunctious family, Lady Eleanor Carpenter has gained some knowledge of what makes a successful marriage. She’s even compiled a list of essential qualifications in a potential husband. John, the Marquis of Montagu, seems of good character (check), with money enough to support a family (check). But what of the many other requirements on her list?

Montagu, meanwhile, believes the key to a comfortable life lies in marrying someone quiet and docile. Yet the one lady who captivates him could hardly be more different to what he envisioned. Lady Eleanor is as opinionated as she is lovely, determined to improve working conditions for coal miners, even at risk to her own safety.

From evenings at Almack’s to carriage rides in Hyde Park, this Season will contain many pleasures—and a few surprises that compel both John and Eleanor to rethink their expectations. For one thing is certain: love will not be defined by any list . . .

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My Review:

Lady Eleanor Carpenter and her sisters are making their debuts, and determined to make love matches, they make a list of qualities they want in a husband. Eleanor wants a husband that loves her and supports her charitable interests. John, the Marquis of Montagu is also looking to wed, and he has also made a list, which includes a wife who is demure and passive, not interested in charities and politics, and happy to live in the country. But his list is forgotten when he meets Lady Eleanor. He must now convince her that he meets her requirements before she will agree to marry him.

Eleanor is a modern woman with an independent spirit. From the start of the story, she shows how passionate she is about helping others, and I enjoyed her caring and intelligent personality, as well as her sharp wit. One of the main causes she champions is the reform of poor mining conditions, and Eleanor’s vocal support of the cause puts her life in danger.

John is comical in how he tries to attract a woman. He’s a bit clueless, not only in his mundane conversations but in what he really wants in a wife. I think he was looking for someone who was different than his mother and sister and didn’t really think about anything else. The more time he spends with Elanor, however, the more he realizes how wrong he was, and I like that he changes and grows from his experiences.

I really liked Eleanor and John’s love story. They have such great conversations, chemistry, and banter. It’s interesting to see John try to convince an uncertain Eleanor that they are a good match. I also liked Eleanor’s loud, boisterous, and loving family. There are a ton of characters and so many love matches and romantic relationships in Eleanor’s circle, and if you read the previous books in the series, you’ll be excited to catch up with some beloved characters. Just to see what has happened in their lives and how many new additions there are to the family is so wonderful and heartwarming! It’s also so charming to see how much those relationships influenced and inspired those around them, who are now searching for their own love stories.

Special thanks to TLC Tours and Kensington Books for gifting me a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The Worthingtons.
  • The drama.

About Ella Quinn:

Ella Quinn is the USA Today bestselling author of smart, spicy Regency romances, including The Worthingtons, The Marriage Game, and The Lords of London series. Prior to writing romance, Ella Quinn was an adjunct professor, a lawyer, and the first woman to be assigned to a Green Beret unit. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and has extensively researched the Regency era, immersing her stories with the flavor and feel of the period so that readers lose themselves in the time. She and her husband currently live in Germany when they aren’t cruising the world on their sailboat. Visit her online at

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