Book Review: Murder in Postscript by Mary Winters

About the Book:

Title: Murder in Postscript

Author: Mary Winters

Page Length: 320

Publication Date: March 28, 2023

Publisher: Berkley Books

Synopsis: When one of her readers asks for advice following a suspected murder, Victorian countess Amelia Amesbury, who secretly pens the popular Lady Agony column, has no choice but to investigate in this first book in a charming new historical mystery series.

Amelia Amesbury–widow, mother, and countess–has a secret. Amelia writes for a London penny paper, doling out advice on fashion, relationships, and manners under the pen name Lady Agony. But when a lady’s maid writes Amelia to ask for advice when she believes her mistress has been murdered–and then ends up a victim herself–Amelia is determined to solve the case.

With the help of her best friend and a handsome marquis, Amelia begins to piece together the puzzle, but as each new thread of inquiry ends with a different suspect, the investigation grows ever more daunting. From London’s docks and ballrooms to grand country houses, Amelia tracks a killer, putting her reputation–and her life–on the line.

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My Review:

A Lady of Letters Mystery, Murder in Postscript is a wonderful start to a new Victorian cozy mystery series. It follows Amelia Amesbury, a young widow and mother determined to solve a murder. A wealthy woman, Amelia also secretly writes an advice column for a London newspaper, and when she receives a mysterious letter about a recent death, she decides to investigate.

What a great protagonist! Amelia is smart and caring, and she has an adventurous spirit which often leads her into dangerous situations. She is a well-developed and layered protagonist, and she works hard to make the people she loves happy. She is like the glue of her small family, and she has such an inquisitive nature. This is how she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery; she’s an unconventional woman with a massive amount of curiosity and not much fear.

Simon is fantastic too, and his budding relationship with Amelia is lovely. They work well together, and they fit together so naturally. As an old friend of her husband’s, Simon struggles a bit with his guilt., and, newly returned to London after estranging himself from society, he’s reluctant to reenter. Simon has never met Amelia, and he is quickly entranced by her. He admires her strength and intelligence and is a great complement to her.

I also love Amelia’s family. Her daughter Winifred and her elderly aunt are both fantastic. Though her aunt comes across as demanding and proper, she is independent, intelligent, and so supportive. And Winifred is young and exuberant and lovely. I also really like Amelia’s best friend. I feel like there are so many dynamic women in the story who each claim their independence and fight for what they want in different ways.

This is such a great read. It’s intriguing and well-balanced, and the plot, characters, and suspense are all well-developed and compelling. I also like how all of the chapters begin with a letter written to Lady Agony (Amelia’s pen name) and include her responses. Often, the subjects relate to the characters, plot, or theme, which is cleverly done.

I would definitely recommend the book to cozy mystery or historical romance readers, and I’m grateful to NetGalley and Berkley books for providing me with an advanced copy. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The mystery.
  • The romance.
  • Amelia and her family.

About the Author:

I live a quiet life. Most days, I’m reading and writing with my cats beside me. The hallmark of my day is a walk with my dog or a cup of good tea or my children’s conversations about school. But I love travel. Not the physical aspect, mind you. I’m rather terrified to fly. But…

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