Book Review: Miss Matched by Wendy Million

About the Book:

Title: Miss Matched

Author: Wendy Million

Page Length: 368

Publication Date: June 13, 2023

Publisher: Wattpad Books

Synopsis: When matchmaking software pairs a woman with her worst ex, she gets a unique second chance to connect with the love of her life.

After years of bad dates, Tayla Murphy has decided it’s finally time she found her ideal partner, so she pays a hefty fee for a cutting-edge “soulmate” matching service. But the infallible algorithm must have a serious glitch, because it pairs her with the one man on Earth she never wants to see Simon―the man who left her heart in pieces when he broke off their engagement six years ago. Tayla would rather cut her losses, but if she’s going to move forward with her life, she needs the money back.

Then Simon shows up on her doorstep, promising Tayla he can get her a refund by showing the service that the match was wrong. But he wants her to really prove they aren’t meant to be―by dating him for the next month. Even though he thinks the service is a fraud, Simon has been desperate for a second chance with Tayla ever since he messed up their shot at happily-ever-after. They still have an amazing connection, but a lot has happened in the time they were apart. So is this a mismatch or a perfect match?

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My Review:

Six years ago, Tayla and Simon were about to be engaged when Simon abruptly ended things. Tayla has no idea what happened and was devastated by the breakup. But, after six years, Tayla thinks she’s ready for love again, and she goes to an expensive matchmaking company. Much to her shock and ire, she’s matched with her old love.

Tayla has no intention of dating the man who broke her heart, but Simon is determined to win Tayla back. Simon knows he made a big mistake six years ago, and losing Tayla is his biggest regret in life. Though he wants to prove that the matchmaking company is predatory and lying to its clients, he also wants to reconnect with Tayla.

Tayla and Simon have unbelievable chemistry, and it’s clear there are a lot of unresolved feelings between them. There’s so much angst and longing and connection between them, but there are also lies, secrets, and past hurts standing in their way. It’s interesting to see how they work through the past while they reconnect in the present. Their relationship is complicated and messy, and they both struggle with their insecurities and fears, but their feelings for each other, no matter what they’re going through, are palpable.

There’s a part in the story where they talk about having the right love at the wrong time, and I think this is a perfect explanation of Simon and Tayla’s past relationship. Six years have passed since their breakup, and both characters are better able to look at what happened between them from a different perspective. They both realize a lot about themselves and their part in the relationship’s successes and failures.

Early on in the story, I felt like Simon had a lot of groveling to do if he wanted any kind of redemption because he really did Tayla wrong. Well, he most definitely knows how to grovel, and I adored it! He does so much to prove to Tayla how much he cares and how sorry he is for the past, and Tayla does not make it easy for him. I don’t blame her! She finds it difficult to trust Simon again and is afraid loving him will shatter her heart more than it did the first time. Tayla shows so much growth over the course of the story, as does Simon.

Though I didn’t really agree with how long he withheld some things from Tayla, I loved how hard Simon worked to win back her affection. He is thoughtful and patient, and he has grown up a lot since he last saw her years ago. I also loved how supportive he was of Tayla following her dreams. And the ending is super cute and a perfect conclusion to their story.

This is a fun contemporary romance. It’s sweet, romantic, and sexy, and the second-chance love story has some great messages about love, forgiveness, following your heart, and more. Thanks to Wattpad for sending me a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The chemistry between Tayla and Simon!
  • The animals.
  • The groveling.

Favorite Lines:

How is it possible to miss someone when they’re right beside you?

What’s between us is lightening in a bottle. We caught it, and I don’t want to let it go, even if I should. Even if it’s not fair to cling this hard. Even if I might get burned.


  • Second-chance romance
  • He falls first
  • Miscommunication
  • Forced proximity

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