Book Review: Dreaming of a Duke Like You

About the Book:

Title: Dreaming of a Duke Like You

Author: Sara Bennett

Series: Duke of Grantham

Page Length: 368

Publication Date: Oct. 10, 2023

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: It’s “loathe at first sight” for this gaming hell owner and spinster, but if they play their cards right, they both may win in the end . . .

Raised in a foundling home and now proprietor of a successful club, Gabriel Cadieux hasn’t ever been welcomed by polite society. But when he discovers he’s the legitimate heir to a dukedom, he must make a choice: accept the debt-ridden title and the trappings of the peerage who shunned him or decline and leave his six rebellious half sisters to fend for themselves. As much as he hates the idea, Gabriel can’t abandon his siblings, even if it means making a deal with the most frustrating—and aggravatingly beautiful—woman he’s ever met.

Vivienne Tremeer storms into Cadieux’s club with one thing on her mind: get the loathsome owner to discharge her brother’s gambling debts. So when Gabriel offers her a trade—if she’ll teach his wild sisters the ways of the ton, he’ll clear the notes—she has no choice but to accept. But with her reputation already on a knife’s edge, falling for the duke could cause the scandal of the season.

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My Review:

Dreaming of a Duke Like You is a wonderful start to Sara Bennett’s new Duke of Grantham historical romance series with layered and dynamic characters and a swoon-worthy romance.

After learning that her younger brother has lost a large amount of money gambling, Vivienne appeals to the owner to release her brother from his debt to no avail. But Gabriel, the club owner and a new Duke, soon presents Vivienne with another offer – To clear her brother’s debts, she agrees to help Gabriel’s six half-sisters prepare to enter the ton.

Gabriel had a tragedy-filled childhood and spent much of it in a foundling home. Now the owner of a successful club, he still feels the sting of rejection amongst family and peers. Vivienne experiences the same feelings of rejection, especially since an incident in the past tarnished her reputation. Can I just say I have a little crush on Gabriel? An astute and sometimes ruthless businessman, he is also so incredibly caring. Plus, he loves to read and often reads romance novels! Swoon!! He’s the type of person who always puts others before himself, much like Vivienne does.

The romance between Vivienne and Gabriel is filled with chemistry and sexual tension from their very first meeting, and they have such a wonderful, slow-building love story. I think Gabriel fell in love with Vivienne from the minute he met her when she stormed into his office and started making demands. She has such a fiery spirit and is unlike most society ladies, which draws Gabriel to her. And if you like grumpy-sunshine romances, you’ll definitely love Gabriel and Vivienne’s dynamics.

The secondary characters are as interesting as the protagonists, and I especially liked Gabriel’s two friends and his step-sisters. I’m excited to see if any will be the focus of the next book in the series. I’m also eager to see a bit more redemption of Vivienne’s brother, as it seems he’s changing his ways with the help of Gabriel’s influence. Special thanks to Forever Publishing for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

The romance.


This is a great read for people who enjoy historical romance, found families, and swoon-worthy love stories.

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