Book Review: Dark City Omega by Elizabeth Stephens

About the Book:

Title: Dark City Omega

Author: Elizabeth Stephens

Series: Beasts of Gatamora

Page Length: 417

Publication Date: Sept. 30, 2023

Synopsis: “You know I’m going to get away from you eventually.”

“Over my dead body.”

“Yes,” she said, blinking at him like he was an idiot. “Exactly.”

Echo knew that being caught by a ruling Berserker would mean becoming his pawn, a play thing to be used for her powers. That wouldn’t be her fate. She’d rather run lost through the woods forever, dangerous though they may be. But there’s something even more sinister than beasts and Berserkers lurking in the woods. Something both undead and deadly. She can’t fight it alone. She’ll have to turn to the Berserker who’s caught the trail of her scent and won’t let it go. He says she’s his. She says never. He says forever. Bones, bonds and hearts will be broken. Some battles can’t be won. Run, Omega, run.

* * * * * * * * * * From the author of Lord of Population and Taken to Voraxia, step into a scorching, dark fantasy romance full of unforeseen twists, epic battles, omegas with magic and monsters who always get the girl. This is Gatamora.

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My Review:

I haven’t read a book by Elizabeth Stephens in a while, and I forgot how much I love her writing style, epic world-building, and steamy romances. Dark City Omega is a fantastic start to her Beasts of Gatamora series, and the story pulled me in from the very first pages with a harsh world and interesting characters.

The setting has Mad Max vibes. Harsh, desolate, and uncompromising, it is a world of survivors. Echo, a protagonist on the run after ascending to Omega status and being hunted by those who wish to claim her, knows the harsh brutalities of her world. In her world, the only person you can trust is yourself, especially if you’re an Omega. But becoming an Omega means Echo also gains powers, and if I had any kind of special power, I would totally be excited to have Echo’s. The way she makes plants and flowers grow is wonderous, and it’s a striking juxtaposition to this desolate landscape in which she lives.

Echo is a survivor, and even after being claimed by a Berserker, she never stops fighting for herself, her freedom, and her autonomy. And speaking of the Berserker, Adam is everything I love in an Alpha hero. Tough and ruthless when needed, he’s also a big cinnamon roll. I like that the story is told both from his and Echo’s perspectives because they don’t often articulate their feelings well, but with the dual POV’s, you learn what each is thinking and feeling. Adam and Echo are both dynamically developed characters with interesting backstories that totally impact their decisions and the plot. Their pasts show many of the flaws in this caste-based, patriarchal, dystopian setting.

Of course, the highlight of the story for me is the swoon-worthy enemies-to-lovers romance between Echo and Adam. Echo is so against being Adam’s Omega, and she resists him every step of the way. She doesn’t want to be owned or controlled by anyone, as she proves to Adam over and over again. Oh my word, the sexual tension between these two is out of control. There’s this delicious push and pull between them, and every interaction and conversation is laced with chemistry.

Though their relationship starts off violently and very rocky, I like how they slowly begin to accept and care for each other. However, their relationship has so many problems and obstacles, and their road to happiness is super tumultuous. Between other Alphas hunting them, as well as a new, undead threat, traitorous dealings with potential friends and allies, and societal inequities that highlight the cruelty and imbalances in their lives, Echo and Adam face a lot of challenges. I like that Echo not only exposes the racism and cruelty inflicted on the lower castes, but she also demands change. She calls out complicity and becomes a force for change, especially after her powers grow and she becomes more confident.

Dark City Omega is an exciting and action-packed story with strong world-building, unique characters, and a steamy romance. I would recommend checking out the content warning, as this is a darker romance. Special thanks to Elizabeth Stephens for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The characters.
  • The writing style.


  • enemies-to-lovers
  • forced proximity
  • omegaverse
  • Berserkers/Alphas/Omegas

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