Review: From the Mountain by L.L Crane


Teak Frain is one of the last Light Skins left on Earth. Taunted, tormented, and even injured, “Teak the Freak” has endured more than most sixteen year olds. She is mad. Extremely mad, and somebody is going to pay for it. In war ravaged Bay City, death, violence, and a new law that threatens her life weigh heavily on her mind. Not to mention her lack of Power. She clearly bears the Mark of Power on her cheek, but deep down Teak knows it is all a lie. Shunned and taunted by her teammates, Teak chooses to go it alone, and that is perfectly fine with her. When a series of events launches her on a perilous journey, Teak must choose to depend on others…or die. When two boys enter the scene, one irritating and the other mesmerizing, Teak wonders if she has a shot at a normal life. But will her lack of Power ruin it? This post apocalyptic novel, Book 1 in the Mark of Power Series, is riveting with suspense, action, betrayal, and the brimming hope of romance.


I read this engrossing book in one sitting. The story is paced well and grips you from the start. The author’s talent in creating a vivid and fascinating world is evident throughout the book, from the intricate world-building to the well-developed characters. I love the incredible amount of world-building that went into this book. This is a society with dragons, children training to be warriors, and people with special powers. The imagery used when Teak fights, when she works with her father, and when she flies a dragon for the first time is exceptional.

Did I mention that they ride dragons? Docile, trained dragons of different colors and sizes.

I need a dragon!!

As much as I love dragons, I need to talk about the love triangle. I am always happy with a good love triangle, and the Teak-Koree-Trann triangle is fabulous. Trann is the jovial, easy-going one, and Koree is the strong and silent type. Both are gorgeous and enticingly unique. To make matters worse, Koree and Trann are close friends, and they both seem interested in Teak. And, of course, Teak’s feelings are all over the place.

She’s never experienced romantic feelings, and it has been years since she has had a true friends, so she struggles to figure out who she likes.

What’s a girl to do? In this book, she travels with both of them to the Dragon Academy. At times, it seems like she is growing closer to Koree, and then and interaction with Thann changes everything. Though Teak is separated from one of the men on her journey, I think this love triangle will be further explored in the book’s sequel.

This is a great story with all of the key elements of dystopian fiction. There is a protagonist who feels trapped and fights against governmental and societal oppression. A brutal dictator and other equally vicious antagonists stand in her way. It includes strong messages about racism, bullying, friendship, and sacrifice. Additionally, the plot is strong, and the setting is vivid.


Favorite Parts:

  • the dragons
  • the love triangle
  • the amazing action scenes
  • creative world-building
  • Teak – she is a fabulously well-developed protagonist


I recommend this book to lovers of fantasy novels. Readers who like young adult dystopian fiction or coming-of age stories will also like this story.

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