Review: Into the Black Sky by L.L. Crane


What if you had to choose between who you are or the person you love?

Teak is heartbroken and stuck in prison where she has just found out that her “dead” mother is still alive, trapped by none other than Siv Gareth, the leader of the Alliance and the mastermind behind the terrible Race War. Koree is surely dead, and Teak is shocked, injured, and madder than ever. She has becomes one of Siv Gareth’s pawns yet again, and she is left powerless in his cold-blooded, maniacal clutches.

When she and Entho are brutally sent to Siv’s mansion for their last meal, Teak discovers that Siv has been amassing a multitude of illegal warfare weapons, and she is too shocked and fascinated to do anything but stand by and watch numbly. Her two measly daggers are nothing compared to the weaponry, technology, and army that Siv has engineered.

After eating her last meal, Teak and Entho are sent back to prison, scheduled to die in the morning. When Gunter and Thann enter the prison dressed as soldiers, the pressure is on for Teak to not only save them, but her parents as well. Will Teak find her way out of prison and the clutches of Siv Gareth and his ruthless army? A discovery sends her heart reeling with happiness, only to be squelched when she has to choose between her newly found identity and the person she thought she loved. Teak wonders if she will ever find happiness as she discovers that she was born to be a warrior, and that is what she always will be…with or without the boy she thought she loved.

My Review:

Into the Black Sky is the third book in the Mark of Power Series. This young-adult fantasy series is a fast-paced story filled with action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

At the start of the story, Teak is in prison, and she is defeated. She has lost the love of her life in battle, and she is to be killed by her worst enemy. On top of that, she finds out that her father is also imprisoned and her mother is still alive and being held by Siv Gareth.

This story is an emotional roller coaster. Teak deeply mourns the loss of Koree while coming to terms with the truths of her past. She learns so much about herself and her family, and the way in which it is revealed skillfully adds dimension to all of the characters. Teak’s parents have a fascinating and complex history (as does Teak)!

What I love the most about this book is how much Teak grows. She becomes more confident and sure. Her identity as a strong and independent warrior is more defined. Unfortunately, this newfound strength causes some conflict in her relationships.

Frankly, Koree’s demand seemed contradictory to his personality. I think he lets his fear get in the way of his rationality when he tries to put unrealistic constrains on Teak. Someone needs to shake some sense into him before he loses Teak for good!

I would be a terrible reviewer if I didn’t talk about the coolest part of the story:


They are cute and smart, cuddly and fierce. They are protective, loyal, cunning and strong-willed. They are multi-dimensional, entertaining and interesting characters. I love how the author gives each dragon a distinct personality. They fascinate me! They are unlike dragons in other stories – very original! I also love the strong and special connection that Teak and Koree have with the dragons. This is magical and super helpful!


Favorite Parts:

  • Teaks maturation and strength of self
  • The dragons!!!
  • Teak finding out out about her mom


You should read the first two books in the Mark of Power series before you read this book. It’s not a standalone. If you like fantasy stories with amazing world-building and fantastically created characters, both people and dragons, then this is the book for you!

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