ARC Review: Ember Gate by Kay L. Moody

Title: Ember Gate

Author: Kay L. Moody

Series: The Elements of Kamdaria (#8)

Page Length:  184

Publication Date: June 9, 2020

Publisher: Marten Press

Synopsis: Even with great power at Talise’s fingertips, this rescue might still be impossible.

As she and her friends head toward enemy territory, new obstacles meet them at every turn. Her army is running out of supplies. The nearby citizens won’t help if they’re already working for the enemy. Even worse, Talise doesn’t even have a map of the base she needs to infiltrate.

In desperation, she turns to the man who has the power to give them everything they need. Unfortunately, that man is the emperor, who also has the power to imprison her once it’s all over.

But Talise is determined to do whatever must be done. With the life of her best friend’s brother on the line, she’ll either rescue the prisoners… or die trying.

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My Review:

Talise and her followers are ready to take action against the Kessoku, but first, they need to rescue those that are being held prisoner. This rescue mission is personal since Wendy’s older brother Cyrus is one of the prisoners. Winter approaches as Talise and her army head toward Kessoku’s main base, and they are slowly running out of supplies and food.

Talise sends word to the Emperor for assistance, even though it means her probable imprisonment. She’ll do whatever it takes to save her best friend’s brother and the other prisoners before she fights to end the Kessoku forever.

In Ember Gate, Talise demonstrates yet again why she is quickly becoming my favorite protagonist. She is an exceptional teacher, friend, and leader, and her self-reflective and honorable character proves wise beyond her eighteen years. I like that Talise constantly questions and considers the ramifications of her actions before acting. She truly wants the best for Kamdaria.

I also love the way that she involves her people in the decision-making. By putting her trust in them, she proves that she is a worthy leader. The stakes grow ever-higher for Talise, and the EPIC motivational rise-and-fight-for-me speech shows just how far Talise has come. I’ve enjoyed watching her grow into a strong and admirable person that people want to follow, and she is the progressive leader that could bring change and unity to her kingdom.

As the series progresses, the story becomes more intense and suspenseful, and the nail-biting, gasp-out-loud events in Ember Gate suggest that we’re nearing a big battle against the Kessoku. However, I have a feeling Kay L. Moody will throw a few twists and turns in first. She sure did in this book!

Just when I thought I had The Elements of Kamdaria series all figured out, Kay L. Moody throws a wicked twist that I did not see coming!! I won’t give anything away, but holy cow! I am not okay…but I kind of am? I need to know more about this unexpected happening and the motivations behind it.

It seems the more that is revealed, the more complex things become for Talise. There are several shocking moments in Ember Gate that contradict Talise’s beliefs and shake her to the core. Knowing how smart and determined she is, and how hard on herself she is, Talise is sure to struggle with what she learned and how to progress. I can’t wait to see where her journey leads her next!

Thanks so much to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The twist! I didn’t expect it, and I want to know more about the reasoning behind it.
  • Talise’s continued growth. She is maturing into a fine leader.
  • Talise’s speech. I’m ready to fight beside her after that powerful oration!


Readers who like dystopian fiction with fantastical element-shaping components will love The Elements of Kamdaria series. As this is the 8th story in the series, I recommend reading the first 7 books. They’re fabulous! If you like young adult fantasy with romance, epic battles, and cool powers, you will love this series!!

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