ARC Review: Shadowborn by Katie MacAlister

Title: Shadowborn

Author: Katie MacAlister

Series: Born Prophecy

Page Length: 192

Publication Date: June 9, 2020

Publisher:  Kensington Publishing Corporation


Liberated from exile, the brutal god Nezu is leveling his vengeful wrath against the blessed lands of Alba, and only three heroes stand a chance of stopping him. Fireborn Allegria, with her ability to harness the power of light; her Starborn lover Hallow, who leads the society of mages; and Deo, a warrior born of both worlds. . .


But the circle of friendship is broken when Allegria is imprisoned in the spirit world of the Thane. Surrounded by long dead warriors bent on revenge, her grasp on the mortal realm is fading. Now she must fight to hold on to the memories she has left–and the hope that help is coming from a world away.


The ultimate battle between good and evil is breaking, and Hallow and Deo need Allegria to win it. But even then, how can they can achieve the impossible? For it’s not just one destructive god they must face, but also his creator. Only an arcane prophecy and the untried power of their joined magics can save the Fourth Age.

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My Review:

Shadowborn is the third book in Katie MacAlister’s Born Prophesy series.  Like the first two books in the series, Shadowborn is rich and vivid with amazing world-building.  This, as well as the character development, is the strength of the novel. 

I love MacAlister’s writing style, as it quickly immerses you into a magical and fantastical world.  Her use of dialogue adds humor, levity, and depth to the story and the characters.  Additionally, the pacing is fabulous, with an excellent blend of adventure, romance, and action.  There was never a dull moment! 

Shadowborn is not a standalone book, so if you haven’t read the first two books in the Born Prophesy series, you should check them out first.  If you like fantasy stories with quick pacing, a ton of adventure, and three strong main characters, then this might be the book for you!


Favorite Parts:

  • The incredible world-building!
  • The epic journey. This is a story with a lot of action and a ton of adventure!


I think people who read the first two books in the series will enjoy this continuation. Readers of young adult/fantasy will also like the book.

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