Review: I Am Elite by K.A. Westra

Title: I Am Elite

Author: K.A. Westra

Page Length: 269

Publication Date: March 26, 2020

Synopsis: Earth is no longer our own. The Elite saved us from extinction over a hundred years ago. They healed our planet and cured our sick. In exchange we gave them a home.
For many years we coexisted in peace. But now the Elite are trying to gain full control over all humans.
Mera is forced to pretend to be Elite in order to protect her family, getting her heart involved only makes things more complicated. She fights her own insecurities and doubts as she has to prove herself as strong as the Elite.
Her strength and motivation helps her through heartache, rebel attacks and difficult choices. But what will she do when she faces the anger of the human rebels and the wrath of an Elite King?

A story of finding strength in yourself, even when the world says you are weak. 

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My Review:

K.A. Westra dedicated I Am Elite “to all of you who do not feel like you are good enough,” which is so fitting considering the premise of the story. Mera is human in a world where the Elite, a race that helped and lived peacefully among humans but now oppresses them, have all of the power and influence.

After a rebel attack in which Mera saves her best friend puts her in the spotlight, Mera must pretend to be Elite in order to protect those she loves. It’s during her apprenticeship that she realizes just how dangerous the feud between the Elite and the rebels is. She also falls in love with the handsome and kind prince who wants to change the harsh way in which his father rules.

Can Mera survive the world of the Elite and protect all that is important to her? Can she trust her heart to a prince she barely knows?

This story has a great premise, a fabulous protagonist, and interesting settings. I love the story-line! There are some parts that I wish were developed more like the mountain and the palace and her time spent at both. I wanted to know more about each place – more description of the physical setting as well as the way it all functions. I feel like I got a glimpse into all of the various settings, but I wanted to know more. That being said, I was totally immersed in the story and in Mera’s journey.

This was the case with several of the characters as well. I loved their stories, and I was eager to learn more about them. From Mera’s best friend to her parents to her new friends and her love interest, the characters were interesting and unique. I’m eager to know more about the different kinds of Elites and how their roles and strengths influenced society, and I wanted to know more about the different rebel groups. I have a feeling these characters and groups will be further developed in future books.

I also like that the story addresses real-world issues like anxiety and show the different ways in which people cope. Mera, for example, uses counting and breathing strategies when she feels a panic attack coming on. Mera’s parents both struggle in this society because they have disabilities. Each longs for purpose, as does Mera, and wants to be productive members of society. It is lovely to watch the three characters grow and feel a sense of fulfillment and community. There is a clear message about the importance of self-worth and society’s harsh prejudices against and treatment of people with disabilities and struggles with mental health.

Finally, that cliffhanger! Oh my word, I did not expect that! The only thing I disliked about the ending was that the second book isn’t released yet! 🙂 I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Another round of proofreading will benefit the book, but errors in grammar and conventions didn’t detract from the story. Thanks so much to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


Favorite Lines:

Pain is part of our growth here on this earth. It helps one enjoy the good things even more. But that does not mean that I am particularly fond of it.

The world is a messed up place filled with lies. Somehow we start to believe those lies even when we know they are wrong.


Readers who enjoy dystopian fantasy with a bit of romance and a strong female protagonist will like I Am Elite.

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  1. This looks like a really good book!! I haven’t read much dystopian, but I’ve been wanting to! I also love books with strong female protagonists, so it looks like a book I’d enjoy. Great review, and I loved the lines that you put at the end 🙂

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