ARC Review: Accidental Target by Theresa Hall

Title: Accidental Target

Author: Theresa Hall

Page Length: 224

Publication Date: Aug. 4, 2020

Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense

Synopsis: On an icy road in the dead of night
what she sees might get her killed.

Allison Moore can’t deny what she sees—a lifeless hand sticking out of a tarp in the back of a crashed pickup truck. Seconds later, she’s on the run with a murderer on her heels. Nowhere is safe and no one can be trusted…except police sergeant Jackson Archer. But with someone set on silencing her, can Jackson keep his promise of protection?

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My Review:

The premise of the story is really interesting. Allison is traveling to her sister’s house when she gets into a car accident. When she goes to check on the person in the other vehicle, he tries to kill her. She also sees what she thinks is a dead body near the crash. An action-packed, suspenseful story of Allison, with the help of Sergeant Jackson Archer, evading the people who have targeted her.

Who is trying to kill Allison and why? Can Jackson protect her? Why is the FBI involved? Is there a mole in the police department, as Jackson suspects? These questions and more are answered in Accidental Target.

Allison Moore is a great protagonist. Thrust into a situation where she is being hunted by some very dangerous people, Allison shows an incredible amount of bravery and determination. She continually worries about other people even though her life is at risk. I love her selfless and nurturing spirit and how Jackson expresses his admiration of her throughout the story.

Sergeant Jackson Archer is blunt and brutally honest. He has a rough and gruff exterior, which he uses to keep people at bay and to hide his pain. Suffering from the loss of his wife and child, Jackson hasn’t healed from the loss. He is a man of integrity with strong values and honorable intentions, but his personal demons threaten to destroy him and hinder any chance of a romantic relationship.

Allison sees past the walls Jackson erected, but, since both struggles with self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness, their romance is slow-building. The extreme and dangerous circumstances force them to examine their feelings for each other. Plus, they make a really good team!

In addition to the well-developed characters, there is a suspenseful mystery and tons of action that kept me immersed in the story. Allison and Jackson get into some harrowing situations, and neither knows who to trust. With attempted murders, crooked cops, FBI investigations, kidnappings, and more, there is never a dull moment for this couple.

Accidental Target is a well-paced and action-packed story with strong Christian undertones.  Thanks so much to Netgalley and  Love Inspired Suspense for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Lines:

It didn’t take a genius to see through Jackson Archer, but it would take dedication to get to his heart.

She was giving him her trust, but she as taking his heart in return.


Readers who like fast-paced, suspenseful romances with religious undertones and well-developed characters will enjoy this quick read.

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