Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2020

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Though this month was a fairly uneventful month personally, I had a fantastic reading month. I finally read the Six of Crows duology and SJM’s new book. Loved them! I don’t know why I waited so long to read them. Then I saw that Six of Crows is a future show on Netflix! Hello! Definitely keeping my eyes out for that.

Let’s take a look at some of my highlights on the blog this month!

I read 21 Books!

I Posted 17 Book Reviews!

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My Challenges:

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 – I started Hundreds and Thousands of Books‘ challenge this week and have completed one of the boxes. For “A Famous Fantasy Book,” I read House of Earth and Blood, the first book in SJM’s new Crescent City series.

How was your month? did you read anything fan-tabulous? Comment below! I’d love to chat! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2020

    1. 17 books is fantastic! Any you recommend? 🙂
      Ingnite the sun is good – interesting premise and good characters. I hope you like it when you get to it.

  1. What a great month!! I’m totally starting Fable tomorrow. I hope it’s amazing. I really want to read Cinderella is Dead but there’s such a long hold list at the library. I might just order it! I hope you have a great August!

          1. Thanks!! I really liked it.. My review will go up closer to release day! Hopefully, I can write it. I’m having a rough patch with reviews. lol

  2. Looks like you had a great reading month! Glad to hear you enjoyed Six of Crows and House of Earth and Blood – they’re among my favourites too, and I can hardly wait for the Netflix show! I’m starting Ignite the Sun today.

    1. It was great! It’s one of those books that I have so many thoughts, yet I don’t know what to say. It left me a little speechless, and I had to kind of process the whole thing…if that makes any sense. lol

    1. I have no life. lol I would say I spend more than five hours a day reading – once my kids go to bed, I stay up late and read. I also read throughout the day when I have time.
      I haven’t read City of Brass, but it sounds like a fantastic book & series!

  3. I’m really excited about the Netflix Bardugo show too. Also you read quite a few books that look very intriguing! Let’s see if August is going to be as great as July (reading wise). 😁

    1. I hope so! It’s off to a good start. I just finished an ARC of Sting of Thorns by Kristin Brand and loved it, and I started These Feathered Flames. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  4. Wow, what an absolutely incredible reading month! I’ve been wanting to re-read the SoC duology before the show comes out and I also want to read Maas’ latest book soon! Glad to hear that you really enjoyed all of them 😀 Hope August is just as awesome for you! 🥳

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