ARC Review: Realms of Fae and Shadow

About the Book:

Title: Realms of Fae and Shadows

Authors: by Kay L Moody, Stacey Trombley, Clarissa Gosling, Tessonja Odette, Joanna Reeder, Alison Ingleby, Valia Lind, Hanna Sandvig 

Page Length: 650

Publication Date: Sept. 15, 2020

Publisher: Marten Press

Synopsis: Enchanted forests.
Deadly bargains.
Welcome to the magic of Faerie.

Realms of Fae and Shadow is a breathtaking fantasy anthology featuring eight exclusive tales. Discover magic, romance, and betrayal as you lose yourself in the faerie world…

Can a human girl rescue a cursed fae prince before she’s shackled to a dull mortal life?

When the heir to the Unseelie Court is confronted with an unsettling fate, does he embrace the dark magic of the crown or turn his back on duty forever?

A fae princess is set to inherit a kingdom… only to discover devastating secrets lurking beneath the legacy of her throne.

Experience these stories (and more!) unfold as you journey through a portal to Faerie where danger meets beauty and the darkest shadows face the light.

If you love brooding royals, glittering courts, and fierce heroines, then you’ll adore this dazzling selection.

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What a great anthology! Realms of Fae and Shadows contains eight exclusive fantasy stories. The stories are rich and vivid in their descriptions of the fantastical fae worlds, and I found myself quickly immersed in the stories. Dynamic characters and thought-provoking themes, as well as heart-pounding action and some chemistry-laden romance, make this a can’t miss compilation!

Kay L. Moody’s Heir of Bitter Thorn is the prequel to Court of Bitter Thorn and focuses on Elora, a mortal tasked with rescuing a fae prince. When a dryad, who notices Elora’s skill in sword fighting, offers Elora the opportunity to put her sword skills to use, Elora immediately agrees. She is desperate for an adventure before she enters into a marriage her parents arranged. Of course, Elora is not experienced in political intrigue and fae curses, but her determination to find and save Brannick makes up for her inexperience.

A fantastic introduction to Moody’s fae world as well as the fascinating characters who inhabit it, this novella provides great context for what is sure to be a fabulous new series. And that can be said for all of the stories. My TBR has grown quite a bit since reading this collection. 🙂


Favorite Parts:

  • The variety. There are eight stories to choose from, which I liked. I found a couple new-to-me authors that I really enjoyed!
  • The fantasy elements. I like a good fantasy story and world, and this story has a bunch!
  • The characters. There are so many interesting and unique characters that I want to learn more about!


This is a great anthology for readers who like YA fantasy stories with suspense, intrigue, magical powers, fae, battles between good and evil, and clean romance.

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