ARC Review: The Duke Heist by Erica Ridley

Title: The Duke Heist

Author: Erica Ridley

Series: The Wild Wynchesters (Book 1)

Page Length: 386

Publication Date: Feb. 9, 2021

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: Chloe Wynchester is completely forgettable—a curse that gives her the ability to blend into any crowd. When the only father she’s ever known makes a dying wish for his adopted family of orphans to recover a missing painting, she’s the first one her siblings turn to for stealing it back. No one expects that in doing so, she’ll also abduct a handsome duke.

Lawrence Gosling, the Duke of Faircliffe, is tortured by his father’s mistakes. To repair his estate’s ruined reputation, he must wed a highborn heiress. Yet when he finds himself in a carriage being driven hell-for-leather down the cobblestone streets of London by a beautiful woman who refuses to heed his commands, he fears his heart is hers. But how can he sacrifice his family’s legacy to follow true love? 

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My Review:

This is an entertaining read filled with humor, mischief, and a wonderful cast of characters. The Wynchesters are such a fantastic family filled with unique characters that exhibit different, and unusual, abilities. I love this group of siblings! They are an incredible unit and very loyal to each other, and I love the scenes when they are together. You can tell how much they love and trust each other, and their conversations are fantastic! I also love that they stand by each other no matter what.

Chloe, the leader of this found family, is used to blending in and being invisible, yet she is strong, smart, and capable. She is a well-developed and likable protagonist. Lawrence, Chloe’s love interest and the man she intends to steal from, is also a fascinating character. He seems so proper and formal, and he values his reputation, yet as Chloe gets to know him, she realizes there is so much more to him. Trying to repair the financial mistakes his father made, Lawrence has a heavy burden to bear. He is humble and honorable and acts in the best interest of those who depend on him.

Lawrence and Chloe are such well-developed, dynamic characters, and their character growth throughout the story is exceptional. Plus, their romance is fun, cute, and fantastic, and they have amazing chemistry! From the moment they meet, which is under very unconventional circumstances, it’s clear there is a connection between Chloe and Lawrence, and I loved seeing their relationship bloom.

A great story about family, duty, and falling in love, The Duke Heist is a fun and romantic read. I look forward to reading future books in The Wild Wynchester series and thank Netgalley, Forever, and Erica Ridley for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance, of course! Chloe and Lawrence have a great love story!
  • The found family trope. I love the Wynchesters! They are a great group of siblings with unique and fascinating talents.


This is a great story for readers who like historical romance with great characters and an interesting plot.

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