ARC Review: Of Fire and Water by Cameo Renae

About the Book:

Title: Of Fire and Water

Author: Cameo Renae

Series: Heir of Blood and Fire #2

Publication Date: March 14, 2021

Synopsis: Calla escaped Morbeth only to find herself fighting for her life once more. Incendia seemed the perfect sanctuary of escape. The stories told of the mystical island claim all inhabitants were annihilated. Those tragic tales . . . were lies.
Desperate to keep their truth hidden, the islanders take Calla and her friends prisoner. Despite her dire situation, something about that beautiful—yet deadly—paradise speaks to Calla’s soul, whispering the powerful secrets pulsing through her veins. As Roehl hunts for her, eager to claim his murderous vengeance, Calla searches for answers she believes only Incendia can offer.
Can Calla harness the power surging within her in time to protect herself, and those she loves, from Roehl? Or, no matter where she runs, will the twisted royal continue to chase her to the farthest reaches of any realm?

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My Review:

Of Fire and Water, the second book in the Heir of Blood and Fire series picks up where Of the Blood left off. Calla attempts to go to Incendia to learn more about her powers while fleeing from the evil Roehl. As she prepares for the eventual confrontation with Roehl, the prince who held her captive, Calla finds friends and allies who help her in her quest. Can Calla master her powers and defeat the forces that threaten her and those she loves?

I enjoyed this strong addition to the series which focuses on Calla’s growth as she traverses new lands and learns more about the people and herself. The characters are fantastic, and the world-building is immense and vivid. Renae created an immersive world filled with unique settings, people, creatures, and customs. Calla has so much to experience and learn, and it’s fascinating to see these new worlds from her perspective. Underwater worlds, mythical lands, unusual creatures, and inexplicable powers create such a captivating story.

Haunted by her imprisonment in Morbeth and fearing Roehl’s vengeance, Calla determines to learn to use and control her powers to help protect herself and her friends. I loved Calla’s growth throughout the story and how she slowly begins to find answers to the questions that plague her. Also, even though Calla fears Roehl and still struggles to cope with what happened to her, she refuses to back down and gains much more confidence in herself. She begins to realize that she has the ability to affect change, and she feels empowered to right some of the wrongs that have happened to herself and those she loves. I can’t wait to see how Calla continues to hone her skills and fight against those who threaten her. .

There’s a big focus on friendship and building relationships throughout the story, and I love that Calla has found people she can trust and depend on. As Calla doesn’t have her best friend or her family to lean on, her found family becomes very important to her and pivotal in her success. As she grows nearer to fulfilling the prophecy, I have a feeling her friends will become more important than ever.

As I said in my review for Of the Blood, there are several possible love interests in Calla’s life, but in this story, it becomes pretty clear who she favors. And she sure made the right choice!! The chemistry between Calla and her main love interest is fantastic, and though they aren’t together through much of the book, his presence is a constant. Other potential romances in the story also intrigue me, especially one between two of Calla’s friends, and I’m curious to see if that relationship will develop further in future books.

Of Fire and Water is not a standalone, so I recommend reading Of the Blood, the first book in the series, before reading this one. It is a great series for readers who enjoy young adult dark paranormal romance with vivid world-building and unique characters. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Cameo Renae, and The Next Step PR for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The friendships.
  • The world-building is massive, vivid, and immersive.
  • The powers and supernatural elements are so fascinating1
  • The romance! Sa-woon!!

Favorite Lines:

Words could enlighten. Words could be used as swords to slice or mutilate. But words could also bring healing, like a glass of cool water poured on a parched, thirsty soul, giving it new life.

It’s okay to love, Calla. Goddess knows, sometimes the only gift we get in this terrible life is to find love. True love. An unexplainable love that will hold on to you even after you’ve let go.

My life was no longer my own…No matter how hard I tried to fight it, I was chosen. And every horrible thing that happened to me over the past months has led me to this very moment. A moment I was certain would define and write my future. My destiny.


if you haven’t read Of the Blood, the first book in the Heir of Blood and Fire series, I recommend reading that first. Of Fire and Water is not a standalone.

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    1. Thanks, Carla! I am – the first book is a little darker than my typical fantasy reads, but I still really enjoyed it. The second doesn’t feel as dark, and I liked the character development. I’m super curious to see where the story is headed. 🙂

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