ARC Review: The Virgin and the Viscount by Robyn DeHart

About the Book:

Title: The Virgin and the Viscount

Author: Robyn DeHart

Series: Lords of Vice

Publication Date: April 12, 2021

Publisher: Entangled

Synopsis: As a Lady of Virtue, Matilda Brooks swears to reform the most despicable man of her acquaintance, her brother-in-law, Sullivan Chase, Viscount Glenbrook. Well he may not be the most despicable, but he is certainly arrogant, flirtatious, and entirely too charming. To make matters worse, he has the irritating tendency to poke fun of her and rile her emotions as no other man does. However, when she confronts him, he laughs off her concern about his slothful ways.

But when a carriage accident forces Sullivan to play knight to Tilly’s damsel, his unexpected act of chivalry ends up costing them both their freedom. Her compromised reputation and his honorable declaration forces them into a marriage neither of them wants. Which is most inconvenient, given that she has sworn to despise him forever.

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My Review:

A swoon-worthy enemies-to-lovers romance, The Virgin and the Viscount follows Tilly, a member of the Ladies of Virtue, as she tries to reform Sullivan from his slothful ways. The Ladies of Virtue is a secret organization of women trained to deal with thieves and criminals on the streets of London. I love the Ladies of Virtue! They are strong and skilled women who defy societal norms and work to protect potential victims. This close-knit group feels like a found family, especially for Tilly, who has little support, understanding, or affection from her own family.

In addition to ridding the streets of thieves and other criminals, the Ladies of Virtue have also made it their duty to reform some of the noblemen exhibiting sinful behavior. Tilly set her sights on Sullivan, her brother-in-law through marriage, who she has known and disliked for years. Distrustful of attractive people, Tilly knows that Sullivan must be a scoundrel. She loathes him for his arrogance and slothful nature. However, the more Tilly gets to know Sullivan, the more she realizes that first impressions and outward appearances are not always accurate. The man beneath the cool and arrogant facade is honorable and true. I find it interesting that Tilly thinks the worst of Sullivan mainly because of his good looks. Events and people from the past definitely affect her impressions of others, and it takes her time to come to this realization.

When a carriage accident puts Tilly in a scandalous position, Sullivan honorably offers to marry her, and unable to figure another way out of the situation, Tilly agrees. Tilly is certain this is a marriage in name only, but she can’t deny her growing feelings and desire for her husband.

Sullivan knows he doesn’t deserve a woman like Tilly and that Tilly despises him. Sullivan has liked Tilly for years but has never admitted or even realized the depth of his feelings. However, when he finds out that she is involved in the Ladies of Virtue, his fear for her safety show just how much he cares for her. Tilly, however, won’t bow to his demands that she leave the organization. This couple has a lot to work through and must decide if their feelings are worth fighting for. However, it’s pretty clear from the beginning that they are attracted to each other.

Love isn’t really that complicated. The heart is simple; it knows what it wants, who it loves. It’s our damn minds that mess everything up.

The romance between Tilly and Sullivan is fantastic! Neither really understand nor want to acknowledge the depth of their feelings, and they both feel unworthy for different reasons. These opposites try to resist their feelings, and there is this whole “will they or won’t they” vibe that I love!! I also love watching them slowly open up to each other. They both find it so difficult to trust in each other and their feelings. When they do, it leads to some sizzling chemistry, and their sexy scenes are pretty swoon-tastic!

Other characters in the story intrigue me, and I’m curious to see what happens to many of them in future books in the series. I’m also curious to find out how some of the over-arching plots turn out. Will they find out who Lady X is? What really happened to Sullivan’s brother? Will Tilly’s main antagonists get what they deserve? Will the Ladies of Virtue continue with their missions? I can’t wait to find out the answers to all of my questions!

Another aspect of the story that I really liked is the wonderful imagery, especially in relation to flowers which are often used metaphorically and symbolically. Sullivan often describes Tilly in the most wonderful of ways, showing how much he admires and likes her. I love his powerful and beautiful comparisons and how they reinforce not only his passion for Tilly but also his astute understanding of others.

Tilly’s beauty was original and surprising-a bold and vibrant bloom against the starkness of winter.

Though this is the fourth book in the series, it can totally be read as a standalone. However, if you have read the first few books, you won’t be disappointed. Many of the characters (and couples) make appearances in this book. I love this! It’s wonderful to see what the couples from the first books are up to and how their lives have progressed.

An entertaining and sexy enemies-to-lovers romance, this is a great book for readers who like an opposites-attract love story with great characters and a bit of mystery. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Entangled Publishing, and Robyn DeHart for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance! Tilly and Sullivan have so much chemistry, and their passion for each other is electrifying!
  • The Ladies of Virtue. I adore these fierce, independent women!

Favorite Lines:

She is a poppy in a field of wheat.

She is like a flower with no roots, one small disruption and she’ll topple over because she has nothing more to her than the ornamental facade.


This is a sexy historical romance that will appeal to readers who enjoy:

  • enemies-to-lovers romance
  • there’s only one bed!
  • miscommunication
  • opposites attract

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  1. Awesome review. This sounds like a fun story and who doesn’t like swoon worthy romance. I like that the women are “teaching” the men too.

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