ARC Review: The Bachelor Bargain by Maddison Michaels

About the Book:

Title: The Bachelor Bargain

Author: Maddison Michaels

Series: Secrets, Scandals, and Spies

Page Length: 400

Publication Date: May 17, 2021

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

SynopsisBachelors, beware. For those who keep secrets and prey on the innocent, you will be exposed, with all your dirty little secrets laid bare to one and all. You have been warned…

Lady Olivia Haliford has had enough. Tired of seeing women lose their reputations, futures, and sometimes even their lives to scandal while the men walk free, she is ready to take back power and stand up for women everywhere. Along with her two closest friends, she plans to start an anonymous publication dedicated to dishing the dirt and exposing the secrets of society’s most eligible bachelors. But in order to do so, she will have to make a deal with the devil…

Sebastian Colver, known as the Bastard of Baker Street, is feared throughout London as the city’s most notorious gambling den owner and undisputed king of the underground. His life is nothing but darkness and danger, so he is shocked when the petite lady gracing his doorstep seems anything but frightened of him. He agrees to be a silent partner in the publishing of the Gazette if she will use her connections to sponsor his sister and launch her into Society and away from his dark world.

But exposing the secrets of the rich and powerful can be dangerous. Almost as dangerous as a lady falling in love with the king of the underground.

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My Review:

The Bachelor Bargain is the exciting first book in a new historical romance series, and I absolutely loved it! The story has a lot of action, intrigue, romance, and two fantastic main characters. I love Sebastian, the bad guy with a heart of gold. He is fierce and protective and strong, and though he has done some terrible things, he is a good man. Livie is smart, independent, and strong. I love her take-charge personality and her unrelenting determination to find out what happened to her deceased friend.

Livie is not daunted by the strict dictates of society, and she hates that there are so many inequities between men and women. I also love that she and her friends are so invested in exposing the hypocrisy of the upper-class men. She refuses to let them get away with using, abusing, and manipulating others for their own personal gain, and she and her friends create a newspaper that reveals all of the men’s misdeeds. Though she knows that what she is doing is dangerous and puts her life at risk, Livie is persistent and unwilling to stop.

Livie also sees past people’s facades to find the true person underneath. This is definitely the case when she meets Sebastian, who is feared by many. Livie sees past his reputation as the Bastard of Baker Street and finds the generous and good man underneath. That’s not to say she is unaware of his faults and misdeeds, but Livie sees the whole person, not just the small snippets that others see.

I adore Sebastian, the bad boy with a heart of gold. Sebastian is not afraid to get his hands dirty, and he is dangerous. However, he is also a man who helps and protects others. His intentions are not always clear, which makes him a bit mysterious and intriguing. What I really love is how he responds to Livie. He sees her strength and intelligence and wants to aid her, not constrict her. He embraces her uniqueness and encourages and supports her business prowess. He definitely has much admiration for Livie, even though (and possibly because) she doesn’t conform to the dictates of society. Most of all, he doesn’t treat her as less than because of her gender and disability, unlike most of the other people in her life. He, like Live, sees past her facade. They make such an amazing pair.

Though Sebastian and Livie are from totally different worlds, they are well-suited. Both are smart and savvy, both feel compelled to help others, and both fight the wrongs of society, albeit in very different ways. I think both feel like they don’t quite fit in and that no one really understands them. Also, Livie is one of the few people who is unafraid of Sebastian, and this unsettles and intrigues him. Though surrounded by people, both seem rather alone until they find each other. They have amazing chemistry, and I adored their flirty and querulous banter. Unfortunately, many obstacles stand in their way.

Sebastian and Livie are from two different worlds, which makes it near impossible for them to be together. Also, Sebastian and Livie are both afraid to love. They are both haunted by their pasts and things that happened to people they loved, and their fear holds them back. Sebastian also worries because he has a reputation that could endanger anyone close to him. He refuses to risk Livie’s life, even though he wants her. Of course, their connection is impossible to resist, and Livie and Seabastian must face their feelings and the threats on their life if they want to be together.

The chemistry between Livie and Sebastian is absolutely swoon-worthy, and the intrigue is suspenseful. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the next one in this new and addictive series!! Thanks so much to Entangled: Amara, the author, and Grey’s Promotions for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!!
  • The intrigue.
  • The well-developed characters.
  • Did I say the romance? Sa-woon!!

Favorite Lines:

My past is my present and my future. It is always with me and informs everything I do.

True courage is taking a leap in the face of your greatest fears.


This is a fantastic read for people who like swoon-worthy historical romances with compelling characters and a suspenseful plot!

12 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Bachelor Bargain by Maddison Michaels

  1. Omg this sounds so good! Why am I such a sucker for bad boys with hearts of gold?! Even more so when it comes to regency/historical romances 😍 Here I was thinking that maybe I’m a little worn out on regency romances at the moment but I want to read this ASAP! Great review 😃

    1. Thanks, Dini! It’s totally worth a read. The characters are fabulous, and the story is really interesting. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to read it!! 🙂

  2. Great review! I haven’t read this book yet but I’m already in love with Livie and Sebastian 💕 This book sounds incredible.

    1. I loved this one!! Livie and Sebastian have amazing chemistry, and the storyline is really interesting! If you like historical romance, I definitely recommend this one!

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