Book Review: Lyrical Embrace by Amber Daulton

About the Book:

Title: Lyrical Embrace

Author: Amber Daulton

Series: Deerbourne Inn #2

Page Length: 154

Publication Date: Feb. 11, 2019

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Synopsis: Out-of-work violinist Erica Timberly decides enough is enough. She leaves her abusive boyfriend and flees the big city, but then her car breaks down in the middle of the night. Though wary of men, she accepts help from Dylan Haynes, a stranger driving by on the road, and soon recognizes him as the sexy former drummer of her favorite indie rock band. Maybe, just maybe, her run of bad luck is finally turning around.

Music teacher Dylan Haynes knows Erica is in trouble, and her black eye is only the first clue. The stubborn yet vulnerable woman needs a friend, but he’s determined to give her everything she deserves.

Will Erica listen to the music in her heart and trust Dylan, or will her past always threaten her future?

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My Review:

When Erica’s car breaks down after fleeing from her abusive boyfriend, she never expects to be rescued by her favorite indie band drummer. Dylan, the ex-drummer of a popular band, is immediately enthralled by the vulnerable Erica, but Erica has no intention of staying in town. Can Dylan convince Erica that her future is with him? Can Erica trust that Dylan’s intentions are true?

I love the romance between Erica and Dylan. They meet when her car dies, and he finds her stranded on the side of the road. Their chemistry is instant, and it only grows. Erica and Dylan both have pasts that follow them, both figuratively and literally, and I like how they help each other process their feelings about life, loss, and more. They have such a lovely bond, and their ease with, and attraction to,, each other is fantastic. When some couples meet, they immediately know they’ve found their soul mate, and this is certainly the case for Erica and Dylan. Their shared love of music, similar values, and intense attraction for each other make for a great love story.

The relationship between Dylan and Erica is not without its obstacles. Erica’s abusive ex-boyfriend is a real threat, and Erica lives in fear of being found by him. She is also starting over, which proves challenging when her car needs repair, and she has nowhere to work and live. Erica has a lot on her plate, and she doesn’t wholly trust herself and others. I like how Dylan is supportive of Erica without being overbearing. He shows her what a caring and supportive relationship is supposed to be like, and it is very different from what she is used to.

The setting, which takes place in a small town in Vermont, sounds idyllic and charming. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else, and it contrasts greatly with the big city Erica comes from. I loved learning more about the town and its inhabitants. From lakeside rendezvous, family picnics, and town events, the town exudes charm and sounds like a peaceful and positive place that I’d love to visit.

Dylan’s family and other people from town are also interesting and well-developed. I love the close relationship Dylan has with his siblings and parents. They have such a strong familial bond, and they enthusiastically welcome Erica into their fold. This is so different from what Erica is used to, and it is just what she needs. Running from a troubled past, Erica thrives under the protection and love of this wonderful family.

This is a sweet and sexy addition to the Deerbourne Inn series, and though it is the second in the series, it can totally be read as a standalone. That being said, I loved seeing characters from the first book and learning more about them. I think readers who like quick contemporary romances with great characters, a bit of suspense, and a sexy love story will enjoy this read, and I am so thankful to Amber Daulton for providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • Dylan’s family.
  • The small-town setting.

Favorite Lines:


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  1. This sounds like a good story. I love these second chance romances and small towns. I think I have a couple of books in this series on my kindle. Great review Julie.

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