ARC Review: Highland Hero by Cynthia Breeding

About the Book:

Title: Highland Hero

Author: Cynthia Breeding

Series: Children of the Mist

Page Length: 264

Publication Date: June 14, 2021

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Synopsis: If Juliana Caldwell said the sky was blue, Rory MacGregor would tell her it was gray, with a storm due any minute. No man gets under her skin more than the arrogantly handsome Scot. When she is abducted by a rival clan, Rory is the last person she expects or wants to call her hero.

Rory is the best tracker the MacGregors have, so when his brother’s sister-by-marriage goes missing, he’s ordered to find her. But binding himself to the fiery English redhead with an opinion about everything is not how he saw this rescue going. To save her from the clutches of the villainous Cameron laird’s son, though, he must declare them handfasted.

When their escape goes horribly awry, Juliana and Rory are forced to take the long way home. Surviving blizzard conditions, meddling clanspeople, and a near-fatal ambush on the trail, nothing compares to the unexpected and unlikely passion that ignites between the rugged Highlander and his English warrior princess.

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My Review:

When Juliana is kidnapped by an enemy clan, she is stunned when Rory MacGregor, her sister’s brother-in-law, comes to her rescue. From the day they met, Rory and Juliana have antagonized each other, but Rory is the best tracker in his clan, and he is intent on bringing his brother’s sister-in-law home. After lying about being hand fasted to each other, and having to take the circuitous route home in order to avoid confrontation, Rory and Juliana end up on a long and difficult journey, continually stalked by the man who kidnapped Juliana. And though their trek home is dangerous, the most shocking part of their journey is the budding feelings they develop for each other. Can Rory and Juliana make it home safely? Will they admit their feelings for one another?

I absolutely love Rory! He is the perfect historical romance hero – strong, protective, intelligent, loyal, and a little bit arrogant. Rory is a good man who loves to tease, and he has a fun, optimistic personality. He is also a skilled tracker and fighter, which he proves as he saves and escapes with Juliana. However, Rory is used to women falling at his feet. He’s never really had to work for a woman’s affections until he met Juliana.

Juliana has had traumatizing experiences with men, which have led to her distrust and fear of them. This abuse has defined Juliana, who struggles with her overall feelings towards men and her conflicting feelings toward Rory. Juliana has never let a man get close to her, and none have ever made her feel the way Rory does. It’s lovely to see Rory break through the walls she has erected. Juliana and Rory have a strong connection, which only grows as the story does.

The budding romance between Rory and Juliana is fantastic. They have great chemistry, and I so enjoy their enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract relationship. They exasperate each other, and their constant battle of wits is amusing and passionate. I love how they come to know each other better throughout their journey and how they build a mutual trust and respect for each other. The more he sees past Juliana’s prickly exterior, the more Rory admires Juliana’s inner strength, intellect, and quick thinking. Juliana, in turn, sees past Rory’s cocky arrogance and finds a kind, gentle, and determined man. She admires his strength, protective spirit, patience, and honor. Of course, their relationship has many complications, including her fears, another clan hunting them, secrets, terrible weather, and more. It’s fun to see this couple as they cross the Scottish Highlands and find more than they ever bargained for.

Something else that I really like about the story is the way that Rory treats Juliana. Even when they bicker, he shows a clear admiration and respect for her, and you can tell he loves her fiery and capable spirit. He knows she is not a woman to cower and back down, which is why Rory teaches Juliana how to defend herself. Juliana refuses to be a victim, and she wants to be able to protect herself, especially considering the malicious son of the Cameron laird is intent on possessing her. Rory knows that Juliana is a strong woman capable of handling herself in precarious and dangerous situations, and he gives her the tools to defend herself. I think this says a lot about his character, and he continually treats Juliana as his equal throughout the story. He listens to her, considers her opinion and feelings, and acts accordingly. These actions make Rory even more swoon-worthy in my eyes!

An exciting and romantic story, Highland Hero is an adventure filled with kidnappings, fake betrothals, manipulative antagonists, and an epic journey. Though this is the second book in the historical romance series, it can easily be read as a standalone. That being said, the first book is fantastic too, and I highly recommend it. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Entangled: Amara, and Cynthia Breeding for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The well-developed characters.
  • The adventure!


Be sure to read the trigger warnings before you start the book. References to physical and sexual abuse, violence, and other parts of the story may be difficult for some readers.

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  1. Wonderful review Julie. I am venturing into Highland romance, slowly, but you keep enticing me with your reviews. I will see if I can find the first book in this series.

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