Book Review: Equinox by Brittany Weisrock

About the Book:

Author: Brittany Weisrock

Series: Triad #2

Publisher: Lake Country Press

Synopsis: Athena’s journey continues in Triad…
Can fire reclaim a frozen heart? Or will their love be lost forever to the darkness?

Xercarus, the blood demon, is dead.

Kalen is lost, leaving Athena Whiteridge and her brothers, Anders and Atlas to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. The Triad has never been so fractured

With the stability of the Unseen hanging in the balance, Athena must push on to ensure the Alliance remains intact, but with a missing mate, a pining vampire, and a former flame who’s hell-bent on dominating all humankind, her mission grows more complicated by the day.

Turns out, being a leader isn’t as black and white as Athena imagined and no one can hide from the truth—not even a Queen.

When Solstice goes awry and lies are uncovered, Athena is forced to learn that being an Alpha comes with a price….

Will Athena set aside her pride to reach Kalen in time and save both worlds, or will they all perish? 

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My Review:

Equinox is the second book in the Triad series, and it is a gripping and action-packed story. The plot picks up shortly after the end of Triad, and Athena’s heart is broken. Kalen has no memory of their time together, and Athena’s (Thea) responsibilities as the new queen are mounting. Time is running out for Kalen to retrieve his memories, and Thea will do anything in her power to help him. However, many obstacles stand in her way, including old and new enemies, new love interests, and even Kalen.

The character development is one of the strengths of the novel. Each major character is so layered and defined, and I love that they each have such a strong impact on the story. I became so invested in their stories, which can be attributed to Weisrock’s skill in creating such defined, relatable, and compelling characters. These are people I can get behind and root for! Anders, Atlas, Thea, and Kalen are, of course, my favorites, and I thought Atlas and Anders really shined in this book.

The relationship between Thea, Atlas, and Anders is so wonderful, and I love how much the brothers help Thea through her heartbreak.  They staunchly stand by her side in her most vulnerable moments, and whether they are teasing, encouraging, or just quietly by her side, you can feel the strong bond between them. Thea, Anders, and Atlas are closer than close, and they are each other’s biggest support system.  I love that no matter what they are going through, they are always there for each other. They might not always agree, and they definitely don’t always see eye to eye, but that never changes their unwavering dedication to each other.  

Thea has grown a bit in this story and is realizing that she can’t do everything on her own.  Though she is queen and alpha, she can depend on others.  She tries so hard to shield others from pain, yet she doesn’t always think about how they feel.  I like that this aspect of her personality was explored in more detail in this book. Thea is a strong woman, and she learns that strength isn’t always solitary, especially when you have men like Kalen, Atlas, and Anders by your side.  

Of course, my favorite part of the story is the romance!  The love story between Thea and Kalen is put through the test in this book, and their journey is tough! The end of Triad left Thea and Kalen’s relationship in a precarious situation, as Kalen has no memory of their time together.  This shatters Thea, and both must deal with the ramifications of Kalen’s memory loss.  It’s not pretty, and their way back to each other seems impossible, but I like that neither gives up on the relationship, even subconsciously.  You can tell their love for each other and their bond is strong, and I so wanted Kalen to get his memories back.  Theirs is a love story that shouldn’t be forgotten! 

There is another potential love story that intrigues me, and I’m hoping that the next book will give this couple a second chance at romance.  It seems like this failed relationship haunts both parties, but their chemistry is amazing!  You can definitely tell there are unresolved feelings that this couple needs to explore.  

Equinox’s plot is a bit darker than Triad, and there is a ton of nail-biting suspense.  As the plot unfolds, you see just how sinister and malicious the antagonist is, and a few shocking revelations only add to the suspense and keep you guessing.  As the Queen, Thea’s life is never short of dull moments, and she must deal with her strained relationship with Kalen, her father’s death, her new role as leader, her personal problems, ongoing threats, and new antagonists.  

I enjoyed Equinox and thought it was a strong follow-up to Triad It’s an engrossing and sometimes emotional read, and the characters are fantastically layered, dynamic, and compelling.  Plus the romance is completely swoon-worthy!  Get a fan before you start reading because you’ll definitely need it for this book!  I look forward to reading more of this amazing paranormal romance series, and I’m so thankful to Brittany Weisrock for providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.  


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The action.
  • The strong sibling relationship.

Favorite Lines:

This is what it felt like to be broken, shattered in ways I’d never known existed.

I had to admit, she had guts. Guts that were removable.

It…means I’m sorry, or literally ‘there’s sadness on me,’ and I’ll be damned if there isn’t sadness all over me.

Snap judgments without knowing someone’s full story were costly, and an unwillingness to listen or overcome your own ideas and verdicts helped no one.

All I wanted was more time. Time to heal, time to grieve, time for Anders, time with Kale, time to put together what’d been broken, but those were the wants of a frivolous child, not my reality.


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