Book Review: Bound by Kat Kinney

About the Book:

Title: Bound

Author: Kat Kinney

Series: Blood Moon, Texas Shifters #3

Publication Date: Oct. 7, 2021

Synopsis: Teacher by day, fantasy writer by night, West Caldwell was forced to live in secret long before werewolves and vampires accidentally outed themselves on social media, causing a worldwide freak out. One slip of his rare Omega magic bound Topher Greer to him against his will. Now that magic threatens to fracture even further—just as shapeshifters are being abducted off the streets of Austin, Texas.

Topher Greer, EMT and former prisoner of the most dangerous vampire coven in Texas, is one of the few who can sense the presence of undead blood. He’s been marked for death by the Vampire Nation—who hold his brother hostage. Things with West Caldwell are… complicated. Pack law doesn’t forbid relationships between newly changed werewolves and their sires. But West has more walls around his heart than a high-security vampire prison.

To avoid the coming war and save his brother, Topher will have to turn to the most unlikely of allies—and untangle the feelings between him and West Caldwell for once and for all.

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My Review:

The third book in the Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series, Bound follows West Caldwell and Topher Greer, two werewolves tied together yet fighting their growing feelings for each other. West and Topher, with wolf and vampire allies, must work together to rescue their loved ones from an evil coven and find out the mysteries surrounding missing shapeshifters.

West and Topher are well-developed characters with interesting arcs. Both deal with inner struggles. West’s unique ability pushes him to put up walls and not let anyone get too close. Though he has strong and valid feelings for Topher, West keeps him at a distance. After being held prisoner in a vampire coven, Topher is a newly turned werewolf with a lot of scars. Both men have a lot to process and deal with, especially their feelings for each other.

I enjoyed the love story between Topher and West! They have great chemistry, and it’s clear they have strong feelings for each other. However, many internal conflicts and external obstacles stand in their way and make it difficult for them to confront their feelings. They are so good at pushing each other away, and both fear intimacy for different reasons. I like how they slowly grow to trust each other and open up more about how they feel. They have some wonderfully tender and honest moments that tugged at my heartstrings.

I love books that include delicious-sounding food in the story, and this book is no exception. Oftentimes, when the Cladwell’s get together, they share a meal or a yummy treat. Dallas’s ribs and barbecued chicken, bread from the local bakery, cupcakes, potato salad, and more are described in such tantalizing detail, and I want to taste all of it, especially if I could eat it with West’s amazing family. The Caldwell’s are such a close family unit, and I love how connected they are to each other. Though they don’t always get along, they would do anything for each other, and that includes Topher and others in their circle that they care about.

This is an engrossing addition to the series and includes a ton of action, suspense, and mystery. There are a few surprising revelations in the story, and the overarching plot is intriguing. I like that we learn a bit more about the situation between werewolves and vampires and why certain people are being targeted. I also like that we find out more about West’s dad and Topher’s brother, as both have been missing for quite some time. I’m eager to see how these aspects of the story continue to progress and unfold and look forward to reading the next book in the series. Thanks so much to Kat Kinney for sending a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The suspense.
  • The strong family vibes.

Favorite Lines:

I believe we are all worth saving.

There’s something better waiting just past the edge of where you can see right now. You’ve just got to get there.

You can turn your nose up at a gilded cage. I can’t fault a drowning man for clinging to any available lifeboat.


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