Book Review: Ten Rules for Marrying a Duke by Michelle McLean

About the Book:

Title: Ten Rules for Marrying a Duke

Author: Michelle McLean

Page Length: 289

Publication Date: Feb. 14, 2022

Publisher: Entangled: Scandalous

Synopsis: Bookish Arabella Bromley never gave a fig for society’s rules—until her sister ran off with a man below her station. Now Arabella is desperate to restore her family’s ruined reputation to favor amongst the ton. She’ll have to marry quickly and well. But in order to carry off her plan, Arabella needs a duke… and she has just the rakish fellow in mind.

The Duke of Whittsley has an ungentlemanly tendency to disregard the rules. Unfortunately, a sense of mischief doesn’t excuse a high-ranking noble from family duty—especially where it concerns producing a son. And that’s where he can’t quite resist Arabella’s distinctly outrageous plan: if he saves her family, she’ll give him an heir.

Now the deal’s been struck. They have one year to achieve their goals and ten iron-clad rules to keep them on track. Like long, scorching kisses and ensuring they’re both exquisitely satisfied. And the only thing that could ruin their plan is the one thing they never planned on: love.

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My Review:

Ten Rules for Marrying a Duke is a fun and sexy historical romance that follows Arabella Bromley and Silas, the Duke of Whittsley as they enter into a marriage contract and find more than they ever bargained for. Arabella is desperate to restore her family’s reputation after her sister’s scandalous marriage tarnished it. With a younger sister’s future to ensure, Arabella proposes a marriage of convenience with the Duke of Whittsley, a rake who needs an heir. Though Silas has no interest in marrying, he is intrigued and bemused by Arabella’s proposal and agrees that a marriage could be the answer to both of their problems. The pair strikes a deal complete with rules they must abide by, and once Arabella gives Silas an heir and Silas helps Arabella’s sister make an appropriate match, they can go their separate ways and live life apart. Will this pair stick to the rules when their hearts are on the line?

I really enjoyed this romance. The characters are great, and the romance is quite sexy and filled with fun banter. Arabella is a bluestocking introvert who prefers hiding and reading at social events or avoiding them altogether. Silas is extroverted and has a delightfully mischievous side, and his wit and charm, as well as his extroversion, often make him the center of attention. Theirs is an opposites-attract romance, and it totally works for them. There’s so much chemistry between Silas and Arabella, and I love how they bring out the best in each other.

Arabella and Silas make a list of rules to follow during their courtship and marriage, and it’s fun to see them trying to adhere to them. Luckily, Silas is great at bending the rules, as he proves many times, much to Arabella’s delight. They have so much chemistry, and there is an instant spark when they meet, which only grows as the story progresses. I love how Silas and Arabella tease and taunt and flirt, and they have the best conversations – witty, fun, occasionally acerbic, and smart. You can tell they enjoy their time together, and their connection is amazing! I love romances where a marriage of convenience becomes a love match instead, and Arabella and Silas’s love story does just that.

Silas and Arabella have a steamy romance, and they both enjoy the perks of marriage. Get yourself a fan for this one, because once they take that step, they can’t keep their hands off each other! It’s sweet and charming and very sexy. Also, throughout their relationship, there’s a strong emphasis on consent, which I really liked especially since Arabella and Silas have entered into a contract. Silas never wants Arabella to feel pressured or forced to do something she’s not comfortable with regardless of their contract or their promises to each other, and he repeatedly tells her she is in control of what they do. It made me love him even more because he never treats Arabella as anything less than an equal and someone to be respected, admired, and listened to.

I read my first Michelle McLean romance last year when I picked up Hitched to the Gunslinger. I adored the story and the author’s unique and humorous voice. Ten Rules for Marrying a Duke reaffirms why I enjoy this author so much. It’s fun and funny and romantic, and the storytelling and characters are great. I would definitely recommend this book to readers of historical romance or historical rom-coms and am especially thankful to NetGalley, Entangled Publishing, and the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

The romance!


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  1. Great review, Julie! This sounds amazing. I love romances where the the chemistry is sizzling and jumps off the page at you. 😍 I remember your review for Hitched to the Gunslinger and you also mentioned the humour in the writing too. I definitely want to check out this author at some point!

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