Book Review: Highland Justice by Heather McCollum

About the Book:

Title: Highland Justice

Author: Heather McCollum

Series: Sons of Sinclair #3

Page Length: 400

Publication Date: April 26, 2022

Publisher: Entangled

Synopsis: Without mercy, there is no love in this third installment of the Sons of Sinclair historical romance series by award-winning author Heather McCollum.

Gideon Sinclair, the third Sinclair brother, judges everything in stark terms of good and evil. There is nothing in between, and he is efficient at passing judgment without mercy. Now that his clan has conquered the warring MacKays, Gideon starts the process of integrating them into the Sinclair Clan. He will sort the people, punish the bad, and better the lives of the good. Judging is as easy to him as breathing, until he meets Christina MacKay, who steals his breath…along with his Sinclair ring.

A young widow, Christina MacKay has given her life over to helping the orphaned children in the clan. But love won’t put shoes on their cold feet and food in their stomachs. Christina tired years ago of seeing the rich get richer and the poor suffer more and more, so she decided to do something about it. An agile thief of the rich by night, when she is caught, the new conquering chief must decide her fate.

When Gideon realizes that the thief is the same woman who had already captured his attention, he hesitates for the first time in his life. Letting her get away with her deed leads to more trouble when she is accused of stealing from King James and is arrested. Now Gideon must commit his own crime against the Scottish crown if he is to save Christina. But can a man who was raised to honor and uphold justice break the law for the woman who’s stolen his heart?

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My Review:

Highland Justice is the third book in Heather McCollum’s Sons of Sinclair series, and it is just as entertaining and romantic as the first two. I am really enjoying this series and find each brothers’ story unique and compelling.  Even though they were raised to be the four horseman, a unit each with their own roles, the brothers are very different, and they each go on very different journeys.  They are all strong alpha males, and Gideon is no exception. 

Gideon, the horseman of justice, has strong morals and an unbreakable sense of right and wrong.  He is a rule follower, who sees everything in black and white, and he demands the same from others.  I like that his return to integrate his clan and the McKay’s and meeting Cait helps Gideon see that there are sometimes shades of grey. Gideon is a man of duty and honor, and he lives by the rules his father instilled, but he begins to question his father’s dictates.

Cait (love her!) helps Gideon realize that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that should take precedence over his cut-and-dry rules.  She teaches him the benefits of mercy and makes him think about the rules as more than an abstract and how they affect everyone. Even though he’s dead, Gideon’s father still controls him, but Cait and her kids soften him and show him that he doesn’t need to be ruled by his deceased father’s unrelenting expectations and demands. 

Gideon grows so much throughout the story and really comes into his own. His relationship with Cait, her kids, and other clan members softens him and makes him more approachable, sympathetic, and respected by the clan. Gideon, in turn, helps Cait learn to trust again, especially when it comes to opening her heart to a potential relationship.  They have such a fantastic romance, and their journey together as a couple is as compelling as their individual journeys.  

As much as I adore Gideon and his brothers, I also loved Cait and her kids!  Cait is a survivor, and she is so strong and courageous. Known throughout the clan as being cold, she knows what to do to protect herself and those she loves, and underneath she is a warm, caring, fiercely protective, and compassionate woman. She also has a super cool and unique hobby that’s pretty impressive and comes in handy. The orphans under her care are also wonderful – strong, brave, and loving, this found family is one of my favorite parts of the story.  All of the children are fantastic, and they add so much to the story.  

Upon his return, Gideon comes to realize that things are not running the way he expected.  He also realizes, especially once the king arrives, that there might be traitors in their midst. This adds a lot of suspense and intrigue to the story as they try to figure out who is working for them and who is plotting against them. And for those of you who read the first books in the series, you’ll be excited to know several of the characters have roles in this book too.

Special thanks to NetGalley, Entangled Publishing, and the author for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The found family vibes.
  • The intrigue and suspense.
  • The character growth.

Favorite Lines:

Small villages spread tales like fires through dry trees.

Not everything in life is right or wrong. There are areas of gray.

Tis the wisdom of hundreds of leaders and the follies of doomed men that give me any wisdom.

History is the greatest teacher if people would take their own desires out of their strategies.


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