Book Review: A Governess Should Never… Tempt a Prizefighter by Emily Windsor

About the Book:

Title: A Governess Should Never… Tempt a Prizefighter

Author: Emily Windsor

Series: The Governess Chronicles #1

Page Length: 263

Publication Date: Nov. 9, 2020

Publisher: Senara Press

Synopsis: “So tell me, Miss Griffin, why should I employ you as governess?”

A question to rouse fear within the breast of any prospective governess but for Matilda, a lady without references, appropriate brown clothing or any experience with children whatsoever, doubly so. Yet, alone in the world, except for a brutish guardian and a malodorous betrothed, Matilda must seek her own future, even if that means employment in the household of a rugged ex-prizefighter with sizeable muscles and doubtless miniscule intellect.

“Please continue to enlighten me, Miss Griffin.”

Mr Seth Hawkins, owner of famed Boxing Academy, has reached the point of desperation in his search for a governess. Yet, with no other suitable candidates, could this yellow-clad, bespectacled female who seemed to think him a witless dolt with calloused knuckles and no books, teach his daughter the ways of a lady?

The Lady and the Prizefighter.

One should never judge a man by his well-defined muscles or a lady by her yellow-silk slippers, for beneath both façades, lay yearning hearts, shared dreams and a taste for adventure. With tavern excursions, scandalous kisses in midnight carriages, whifflers, nobblers and dressing as a nefarious footpad on the prowl, the vocation of governess has never been so exciting…

A fun, heart-warming Regency romance, this is the first book in a companion series to the Games of Gentlemen.

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My Review:

A Governess Should Never… Tempt a Prizefighter is a lovely historical romance by Emily Windsor. It has likable protagonists, interesting secondary characters, wonderful dialogue, and a great love story! Matilda Griffin is a twenty-year-old who became her cousin’s responsibility when her parents died. When she learns that her cousin has carelessly spent all of his money and plans to marry Matilda off to a much older and repulsive man, Matilda decides to make her own way. With only months before her twenty-first birthday, Matilda applies for a job as a governess and intends to hide away until she can claim her inheritance. Seth Hawkins is a former prizefighter who has opened up his own exclusive boxing academy. With a thirteen-year-old daughter in need of a governess, Seth hires Matilda.

Matilda is a sweet and educated woman who is very well-read and often applies her knowledge to life. My favorite is when she compares men to the mating habits of pelicans. Some of her observations are laugh-out-loud funny, some show her naivete, and others show her astuteness. I found her character likable and admirable. She wants to make her own way in life, and she uses her skill to achieve her goals. Seth is fabulous as well. Honorable, kind, and loving, Seth works hard to provide his daughter with the life he feels she deserves. He is a man of contradictions. A prizefighter and giant of a man, Seth is tough but also kind and caring.

I like that the story examines the futility of first impressions. Matilda, in particular, greatly mischaracterizes Seth when she first meets him, and I think she learns a lot about preconceived notions and judging books by their covers. Seth and Matilda are both avid readers, though for very different reasons. Seth used reading and the knowledge he gains from it to further himself in society and business. Matilda led a solitary upbringing with remote parents, and reading was her constant companion. I love that they connect over this and share their thoughts and feelings about literature and learning. These scenes and the easy and witty banter that flows between them show how deeply their feelings become. They have so much chemistry between them, and their romance is lovely.

The secondary characters are also quite interesting, especially Seth’s daughter Chloe and Seth’s housekeeper. I love how willingly they welcome Matilda into their home. Seth’s housekeeper is so wise and wonderful, and her motherly advice and comfort help guide the rest of the household. Seth also has some fantastic friends, and I’m eager to learn more about them! There are hints of unrequited love with one of his friends, and I’m dying to find out his story!

A heart-warming Regency romance with likable characters, great dialogue, and a wonderful love story, this book is a great start to Windsor’s new series. It’s funny and sweet and definitely one I’d recommend to historical romance fans. Thanks to Emily Windsor for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The secondary characters.

Favorite Lines:

“I don’t really do books,” the housekeeper admitted, puckering her forehead, “but if experience of life were pages, I’ve read a thousand.”

Sadness is inevitable in life, but there is no reason to walk into its embrace.


I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of historical romance!

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  1. I am a historical romance author too ! 🙂 helped me gather initial reviews and helped grab more eyeballs on my book.

  2. Ooh, great review, Julie! I’ve been eagerly waiting for Emily Windsor’s next book in another one of her series but I didn’t know this one existed until I saw the second book in this series on KU the other day. I borrowed that one but I might return it and borrow this first book now! Matilda and Seth sound like awesome characters and I’m liking the sound of their chemistry. 😍

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