Book Review: A Remarkable Rogue by Anna Harrington

About the Book:

Title: A Remarkable Rogue

Author: Anna Harrington

Series: Lords of the Armory #5

Page Length: 288

Publication Date: July 26, 2022

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Synopsis: Fans of Bridgerton and steamy, mysterious Regency romance will swoon for USA Today bestselling author Anna Harrington’s newest book!

• A deadly organization determined to overthrow the government
• A rebel with a secret she’ll do anything to protect
• The steadfast soldier who’ll defend her at any cost
• Sizzling attraction that could burn them both

Lady Sydney Rowland, Baroness Rowland, has spent a lifetime keeping secrets, one of them being her young son. Now that the husband she despised is dead, she’ll do anything to get her son back and protect him however she can. And that includes risking her life when she’s coerced into working for a revolutionary group determined to overthrow the government.

Captain Nathaniel Reed has heard of Sydney’s involvement with Scepter. Though he quickly learns that Sydney is innocent, he’s determined to keep the secretive widow at arm’s length despite the attraction that burns between them. But when she turns to him for help, nothing will stop him from coming to her aid and showing her exactly what she means to him…

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My Review:

A Remarkable Rogue is the fifth book in the Lords of the Armory series, and it’s a suspenseful historical romance! Captain Nathaniel Reed is searching for the leaders of Scepter, a revolutionary group eager to overthrow the government, and he believes Sydney is involved. Tasked with investigating Sydney, Nate doesn’t expect to be drawn to the mysterious woman, but when she asks for his help, he can’t refuse her. Can Sydney help Nate take down Scepter, and can Nate protect Sydney before it’s too late?

Anna Harrington is such a fantastic storyteller, and it’s easy to fall back into this immersive world of espionage and romance. It’s such a romantic and intriguing series, and I loved Sydney and Nate’s story! They are both well-developed and interesting protagonists, and Sydney and Nate both go on emotional and physical journeys, and both have suffered so much in their lives. They’re definitely the kind of characters you want to root for, especially when contrasted with the vile antagonists who stand in the way of their happiness.

Of course, my favorite part of the story is the swoon-worthy enemies-to-lovers romance. Sydney and Nate have amazing chemistry, and their growing feelings for each other are fantastic. You can feel their connection from their very first meeting, and that spark only grows as the story progresses. Sydney and Nate face many obstacles, including Scepter, secrets, lies, and more. Plus, Sydney’s terrified of losing her independence and giving her life over to a man, and she has someone else to protect. Nate also doesn’t want to marry. They are slow to trust each other, and burdened by their respective pasts, they have a lot to work through. Past wounds still need a bit of healing when this pair first meets. However, the more they fall for each other and care for each other, the more they rethink their feelings about commitment and marriage. Their feelings prove stronger than all the conflicts that stand in their way. Like the other relationships in the series, this relationship is filled with chemistry and longing, and I was totally there for it!

I really enjoyed this story and the series as a whole. It’s exciting and intriguing, and the characters and romance is fantastic! I would definitely recommend the book to readers that enjoy historical romance or romantic suspense. Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.


Favorite Parts:

  • The swoon-worthy romance!
  • The intrigue.

Favorite Lines:

When she was with him, she became a complete woman, a daring and courageous fighter to conquer the world and a seductress to rule his body. He made her feel beautiful, protected, free. Important.

Life is precious and love is sacred.

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  1. Just added this to my TBR. Harrington’s name has been coming up a lot for me lately. I definitely need to give her a try. Great review!!

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