ARC Review: The Spinster and the Rake by Eva Devon

About the Book:

Title: The Spinster and the Rake

Author: Eva Devon

Series: Never a Wallflower – Book 1

Page Length: 400

Publication Date: Feb. 9, 2021

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Synopsis: The marriage game is afoot in this clever blend of My Fair Lady meets Pride and Prejudice with a twist!

Edward Stanhope, the icy Duke of Thornfield, likes his life in a certain order. Give him a strong drink, a good book, and his dog for company, and he’s content. But when he goes to his library and finds a woman sitting in his chair, petting his dog, what starts as a request for her to leave quickly turns to a fiery battle of wits, leading to a steamy kiss that could ruin them both if they were caught.

So of course, damn it all, that’s when Edward’s aunt walks in, and thereafter announces Miss Georgiana Bly is the future Duchess of Thornfield.

Georgiana was content to be a spinster, spending her days reading and working to keep her family out of debt. But now her days are spent locked away with a growly duke, learning how to be the perfect duchess, and her nights spent fighting the undeniable attraction to a man who was never meant for her.

As their wedding day approaches, the attraction between them burns hot and fierce, but is it enough to melt the duke’s chilly facade? 

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My Review:

The Spinster and the Rake is a wonderful beginning to what is sure to be a fabulous series. The story follows Georgiana and Edward, a pair pushed into a betrothal because of a steamy encounter in Edward’s library.

Georgiana was comfortable with the idea of being a spinster, but she can’t deny the attraction she feels for Edward. She determines to learn all she can about being a future Duchess and wife while Edward grows accustomed to the idea that he will no longer have the quiet, solitary, ordered life he desires. But Edward never expected to feel so strongly for this unique woman who has captured his heart. Can these two very different people from very different social circles find common ground and give in to their feelings?

I love Georgiana! She’s curious, intelligent, and unafraid to speak her mind. She is a woman ahead of her time, and, like Edward, she dislikes the unrealistic dictates of the ton. I love her gumption and her ability to stay true to herself regardless of the societal pressures that she faces.

I also like how Georgiana makes Edward think and reevaluate how he acts and how he judges others. She also makes him think about how his actions affect others. Edward is not used to being challenged, and he likes that Georgiana is unafraid to question him. He listens to Georgiana and tries so hard to please her, which says so much about his feelings. He’s not one to share his feelings, but his actions and thoughtfulness often show how much he cares for his betrothed.

I also love that the couple shares many interests. Some of my favorite parts of the novel were when Georgiana and Edward discussed politics and literature. They are both intellectuals, and their discussions of Shakespeare and other authors were fantastic. Sharp, astute, and curious, Georgiana and Edward are lovers of learning, and this shared passion is one of my favorite parts of the novel. Plus, their romance is swoon-tastic!

Georgiana and Edward have great chemistry, and I love that they have such a deep admiration for each other, even though they frustrate each other at times. It’s amazing to see them at their most vulnerable and the complete acceptance and respect they gain from each other because of their honesty and truth. Neither sees this vulnerability and openness as a weakness. In fact, it’s the opposite. The more open and honest they are, no matter the topic, the more they seem to respect and admire each other. I think they also fall deeper in love. They are two people who never felt truly accepted and understood by society who found it in each other.

At one point in the story, Edward shares a passion of his, and it is something that he’s never shared with another. This is such a touching scene, and it really says something about his feelings for Georgiana. He trusts and accepts her and wants to share himself completely with her. Edward lets his guard down around very few people, and seeing him do this with Georgiana is powerful.

This is a fantastic romance with great characters and a lovely romance. I think readers who enjoy historical romance will love the book! Thanks so much to NetGalley, Entangled: Amara, and Eva Devon for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance! Edward and Georgiana have a unique and special bond!
  • The witty and intelligent dialogue.
  • The minor characters, especially Edward’s aunt. Love her!!

Favorite Lines:

It was a terrible feeling to not exist.

They could both be strong together, and like two pieces of flint they would strike each other and produce sparks that would leap into flame and fire and all would be well. And that was what mattered.

You and I, Georgiana, we are who we are without alteration and without artifice.


This is a great story for readers who enjoy historical romance!

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  1. This does sound like a really good story. I love these historical romances with strong female characters and the men who are not put off by them. Nice review.

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