Book Review: Blood Moon Prophecy by Dilani Kahawala

About the Book:

Title: Blood Moon Prophecy

Author: Dilani Kahawala

Series: Legend of the Nyx

Publication Date: Oct. 11, 222

Publisher: Cedar Street Press

Synopsis: Eleven years ago, Tilly Nyx did something she wasn’t supposed to. As a result, her mother was killed. Her village was destroyed. Her sister disappeared. An ancient horror sent her into hiding.

Now sixteen and undercover in New York City, she has waited eleven years to go home, even though she doesn’t know where home is or how to get there. All she has is the map that her mother made her swear to protect with her life. And the promise that a man called the Time Keeper is supposed to rescue her, if she can just hold on long enough for him to arrive.

But when the Time Keeper is found dead in his hotel room, with a message to contact Tilly inked on his skin, her world is upended once again. Now someone is hunting for her and the map, and if they find her, the consequences will be deadly.

Tilly soon finds herself plunged into the world where her story began—a world of oceans and sailing ships, of feuds between ancient magical families. She joins a fleet in search of the secret her map holds, which has been guarded by her family for four thousand years.

As Tilly learns how to cast sprites and make potions, she and her three friends must follow the trail of murky, disturbing clues left by her ancestors before time runs out. But the closer they get to their destination, the more Tilly discovers that nothing is what it seems…not even herself.

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My Review:

Blood Moon Prophecy follows sixteen-year-old Tilly as she learns of her past and a world she never knew. Thrust into a world of magic, Tilly joins a fleet that helps her follow the secrets of a map her mother gave Tilly before she died. Tilly makes friends with many of her shipmates, but the closer they get to the truth, the more dangerous their journey becomes.

Tilly goes on an incredible journey over the course of the story. She is a layered and interesting protagonist who has had a very difficult and often heart-breaking life. Losing her mother at a young age, Tilly receives no support from her cold relatives, and she doesn’t feel like she belongs. She longs to return home, though she doesn’t really know where that is. I felt for Tilly and was eager to learn more of her story and the prophecy she’s trying to figure out. Her entire life is upended more than once in her young life, and she shows such courage in the face of so many dangerous obstacles.

The found family is one of the highlights of the story, and I like that Tilly finds her people. She had such a horrible childhood, very much reminiscent of Harry Potter’s life with his aunt, uncle, and cousin, so seeing her find people she can trust and who care for her changes her. She becomes part of a team, and she finds a sense of belonging. The banter between Tilly and her friends is fantastic, as is much of the dialogue throughout the story. It really adds to the character and relationship development while also progressing the plot.

The story is action-packed and exciting, as Tilly learns to navigate a new, magical world, finds out more about her past and her connection to a mysterious prophecy, and trains with crew mates in magic, sailing, and more. The book begins with a super intense scene, which sets the stage for the rest of the book. Tilly’s journey into an unknown world changes everything for her, and this sense of foreboding and danger permeates the story. There are a lot of twists and turns and surprising revelations for Tilly and her friends, and I enjoyed their journey.

I would definitely recommend Blood Moon Prophecy to readers who enjoy exciting YA fantasy with a great found family, high seas adventure, and long-held feuds between powerful magical families.

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Favorite Parts:

  • The found family.
  • The action and excitement.

Favorite Line:

We betrayed the monster, and the monster will come for us.


This is an intriguing read for people who like YA fantasy!

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