Book Review: More Than Falling in Love by Remi Carrington

About the Book:

Title: More Than Falling in Love

Author: Remi Carrington

Series: Cowboys of Stargazer Springs Ranch

Page Length: 250

Publication Date: Nov. 15, 2022

SynopsisTall, dark, and . . . does not fit with my life plan

When my dad marries into this incredible found family, I make lots of new friends.

I’m strangely infatuated with one of my hunky new friends. And his kid is adorable too. Watching him with his son makes my heart flutter. Who knew single dads could be so sexy?

But it’s easy to keep our relationship in the friend zone because 1) he isn’t interested and 2) he lives in Texas and I’m in New York.

I love my life in the big city. Moving isn’t in my plan.

The trips back to the ranch are just for fun. I like spending time with him, but it doesn’t mean I’m falling in love.

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My Review:

A friends-to-lovers cowboy romance, More Than Falling in Love follows Poppy and Kent. Poppy is perfectly happy with and focused on her career, and Kent wants nothing more than to provide a good life for his son. He has no interest in a relationship and actually avoids women when they show interest. Both want to remain single for very different reasons, but they both also start to question if they might be wrong.

Kent is such a fantastic MMC. He’s smart, caring, hunky, and an amazing single dad. It’s interesting because Kent gives love so freely to his son and to his friends, but he doesn’t feel worthy of love in return. Poppy, in contrast, is super affectionate and kind of radiates love. She’s warm and kind to everyone, yet she’s vulnerable too, just like Kent. Where Poppy had a warm and loving relationship with his family and saw firsthand how devastating it is to lose a loved one, Kent grew up in a turbulent and toxic environment. They are both so layered and compelling and relatable, and watching their feelings deepen and change is wonderful.

Mason is the sweetest little boy, and I love the levity, charm, and optimism he brings to the story and to Kent’s life. His personality jumps off the page. He’s so happy, fun, and endearing, and he seems to touch everyone he meets. He and Poppy instantly connect, and they have such a lovely relationship. I love the relationship between Kent and Mason too. There is so much love between them, and their bond speaks to Poppy. I also liked the little things Mason did to bring Poppy and his dad together. He’s a wise little kid, and I think he sees something between them before Poppy and Kent do.

The time that Poppy, Kent, and Mason spend together is so heart-warming, fun, and charming and foreshadows how perfect they are together. And I NEED a butterfly field in my life. There are so many funny, happy, and romantic moments in this field, and I need to find one and live there. lol But what I like most about this trio is how they enjoy each other. From mundane day-to-day moments to unique experiences, they genuinely love being together and look forward to spending time with each other.

I really enjoyed this story. It’s light and fun, and it has a sweet romance and dynamic characters. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, as one of Kent’s friends is the focus, and he’s as dreamy as Kent!



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The butterfly field!
  • Mason.


I would definitely recommend More Than Falling in Love to readers who enjoy:

  • friends-to-lovers
  • opposites attract
  • small town charm
  • cowboy romance
  • single dad
  • great friendships
  • found family

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