Book Review: Pride and Puppies by Lizzie Shane

About the Book:

Title: Pride and Puppies

Author: Lizzie Shane

Series: Pine Hollow

Page Length: 368

Publication Date: Nov. 22, 2022

Publisher: Forever


Struggling to find her modern-day Mr. Darcy, a Jane Austen fan gets more than she bargained for when she swears off men and adopts an adorable puppy. 

Dr. Charlotte Rodriguez is single—again—and she blames Jane Austen. She made brooding, aloof men sound oh sodreamy. But after years of failing to find her own Mr. Darcy, Charlotte decides it’s time to swear off dating. She’s going to lavish all her love and affection on someone who actually deserves it: her new puppy, Bingley.

And there’s no one better to give her pet advice than her neighbor and coworker George Leneghan. He’s quiet and patient and, best of all, way too sweet to ever be her type. But as their friendly banter turns flirty, the unimaginable happens—Charlotte starts catching feelings.

Just as Charlotte is trying to untangle what it is she truly wants, George announces he’s contemplating a cross-country move. Suddenly, Charlotte wonders if she’s kept her soulmate in the friend zone so long that she’s entirely missed her chance at a happily ever after. Dear Reader, could it be possible she’s had it wrong all this time?

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My Review:

This is such a cute friends-to-lovers romance about a Jane Austen fan looking for her modern-day Mr. Darcy. Unlucky in love and unable to find her Mr. Darcy, Charlotte swears of men and decides to adopt a puppy, which she names Bingley. But Charlotte has no experience with puppies and gets her neighbor and friend George to advise and teach her. Little does Charlotte know George has always had feelings for her. As they and their dogs spend more and more time together, Charlotte begins to see George as more than a friend, but is he her Mr. Darcy?

Charlotte and George are well-developed characters, layered and complex with pasts that affect their present. Both struggle with insecurities and fears, and they grow a lot over the course of the story. George is super sweet, and I love all the ways he tries to show Charlotte he cares. Their relationship is sweet, and their story switches between Charlotte’s and George’s perspectives, which I liked. The dual POV really gives you a look into the thoughts, feelings, and motivations of both characters.

I love books related to Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice specifically. Each chapter begins with a Jane Austen quote, there are many references to the author’s books, and even the puppy is named after one of Austen’s characters. And I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the dogs! They’re so cute and fun, and they bring a special charm to the story as only dogs can do. Plus, Charlotte names her puppy Bingley. How cute is that?

George’s sisters, Charlotte’s best friends and sisters, and the small-town setting of Pine Hollow are also charming and highlights of the story. The conversations George has with his sisters are fabulous, and Charlotte’s with her friends and sisters are great too. I loved the dialogue and banter and how these conversations brought the characters and relationships to life.

Some parts of the plot dragged a bit for me, and a few scenes were confusing initially, but I think it may be because I didn’t read the first three books in the series before reading this one. I didn’t realize it was part of a series until after I started reading. Luckily, the author gives enough detail and context that it isn’t overly difficult to follow.

Special thanks to Forever Publishing for sending me a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The Jane Austen & Pride and Prejudice love.
  • The romance.
  • The dogs!!


Pride and Puppies will appeal to readers who enjoy:

  • friends-to-lovers romance
  • hero falls first
  • small town charm
  • Jane Austen references/inspiration
  • puppies!!!!!

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