Blog Tour Book Review: Cinderella and the Duke by Lydia Drake

About the Book:

Title: Cinderella and the Duke

Author: Lydia Drake

Page Length: 352

Publication Date: Dec. 27, 2022

Publisher: Entangled Amara

Synopsis: Miss Julia Beaumont has exactly one night to find herself a husband…

The Weatherford Ball is the last chance Julia Beaumont has to escape the clutches of her horrid stepmother. Any potential husband will do—rich, poor, even a reasonably well-groomed walrus. But all of Julia’s matrimonial chances are completely obliterated…thanks to the actions of an infuriating and utterly rakish duke.

Gregory Carter, Duke of Ashworth, would never risk his cherished bachelorhood by flirting with marriage-starved debutantes. But one look at the luscious and refreshingly clever Julia, and he simply can’t resist a stolen kiss—scandal be damned. Then just as things start getting deliciously interesting, the lady flees…leaving only a slipper behind.

And it must have been one dandy of a kiss. Because now Julia has proposed to him. After all, the lady needs a husband, and this roguish duke will certainly do. It’s simply a matter of making him the perfect scandalous offer…

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My Review:

Did I request this book because the protagonists’ names are the same as mine and my husband’s? Why yes, yes I did. And I’m glad I did! It’s an engaging historical romance with some fun Cinderella vibes.

Julia Beaumont needs a husband before she’s trapped as her demanding stepmother’s companion forever. When her stepmother falls ill and cannot attend a ball, Julia sees her chance and offers to chaperone her younger step-sister. Intent on finding her future husband before the night ends, Julia thinks the night is unsuccessful until she meets Gregory, a handsome and notorious rake known for his scandalous affairs.

Gregory Carter, the Duke of Ashworth, is sick of being chased by the women of the ton, and when one of these women tries to entrap him, Julia comes to his rescue. Gregory is immediately taken with Julia and is enchanted by her intellect and strong opinions. Though Julia flees the ball, leaving behind only her slipper, she sees Gregory again the next day and proposes to him. They can help each other with this marriage of convenience, and it seems like the perfect solution to both of their problems. However, neither intended for their feelings to get in the way.

This is a great debut novel by Lydia Drake. The characters are interesting and well-developed, and their romance includes a couple of my favorite tropes. It’s a marriage of convenience, and the MMC falls first. Gregory and Julia have chemistry from the moment they meet. She is a spinster, and he is a rake. They don’t seem like they would have much in common, but Gregory falls hard and fast for the intelligent and outspoken Julia. They have a lively, banter-filled romance with tons of chemistry flying between them, and the way he talks about her intellect is super swoon-worthy.

The side characters are interesting too, and I really liked the relationship between Julia and her step-sister. Unlike the fairy tale, this step-sister is nice, and she and Julia have a great sisterly bond. And as much as I loved her and some of the other secondary characters, Julia’s stepmother is as wicked as Cinderella’s. I could totally understand why Julia was so desperate to get away from her.

There are many little references to Cinderella throughout the story. Julia (Cinderella) meets Gregory (Prince Charming) at a ball. Julia loses her slipper as she flees the ball. There’s even a wicked stepmother trying to foil Julia’s plans. They are all fun reminders of the fairy tale but with a unique Regency twist, making it feel fresh and new.

Special thanks to NetGalley, TLC Book Tours, and Entangled: Amara for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!!!
  • The Cinderella vibes.

Favorite Lines:

There was something about the way she came alive when surrounded by books that excited him further. It was one thing to desire a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a keen mind only fed the ache in his loins and the fire in his blood.

Nothing’s more attractive than a beautiful, headstrong woman with a smart mouth.


I would recommend Cinderella and the Duke to readers who love historical romance, Regency romance, or marriage of convenience romance.

About Lydia Drake:

Lydia Drake is a reader of all things romance and a drinker of all the tea. A New Jersey resident, her favorite activities include taking the train to New York City, scouring used bookstores, spending time with her family, and wrangling her hyperactive cockapoo puppy. She loves talking romance with her fans.

Instagram: the_lydia_drake

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