Blog Tour Book Review: Escaping with Her Saxon Enemy by Sarah Rodi

I’m so pleased to be on Rachel’s Random Resources blog tour for Escaping With Her Saxon Enemy by Sarah Rodi. This is such an exciting historical romance and the love story is wonderful! Let’s check it out!

About the Book:

Title: Escaping with Her Saxon Enemy

Author: Sarah Rodi

Page Length: 288

Publication Date: April 26, 2022

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Synopsis: A compelling enemies-to-lovers Viking romance from new author Sarah Rodi.Her tempting enemyIs a chink in her armor!

Viking shield maiden Svea Ivarsson would far rather face Saxon warriors than be on the run with the fiercely captivating Lord Ashford Stanton, protector to the Saxon king. Reaching Ash’s family castle, Svea must swap her chain mail for life as a lady. She can wield a sword like an expert, but no training has prepared her for craving the touch of her greatest enemy…

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My Review:

Escaping with Her Saxon Enemy is the second book in the Rise of the Ivarssons series, and it is a swoon-worthy historical romance!  I love the characters and the love story, as well as the messages about love, forgiveness, and family. The story follows Svea, a Viking shieldmaiden, and Ash, a guard for the Saxon king. The pair become inextricably connected when they are the only two remaining after the king is kidnapped.  Determined to rescue his king and the other warriors taken, Ash is hesitant to bring Svea along.  However, Svea, a skilled warrior in her own right, refuses to stay behind.  As the pair journeys to rescue their allies and friends, they can’t resist the undeniable feelings that are growing between them.  However, can these enemies put the past behind them, rescue their friends and king, and have a future together? 

I enjoyed Svea and Ash’s exciting and romantic story as they rush to rescue the king and their allies before it’s too late.  They are both great protagonists, each well-developed and layered.  Enemies with past conflicts, this pair has many obstacles in their way in addition to their rescue mission, and they both grow a lot as they get closer and learn more about each other.  Initially, Ash underestimates Svea’s skill and fierceness in battle, much to the anger and frustration of Svea.  This is a woman who is entirely capable of taking care of and protecting herself, which isn’t something Ash is accustomed to.  It’s interesting to see them put aside their judgments and opinions as they grow closer.  And their chemistry is fantastic.  There’s so much angst and definite sparks between them!  

Svea and Ash have a great enemies-to-lovers romance!  There’s tons of chemistry and passion between them, and even when they are at odds, it’s clear they have feelings for each other.  Other characters in the story are also interesting, including Svea’s brother and wife, as well as many of the other secondary characters.  Svea’s brother and his wife were the protagonists in the first book in the series, and it was great to see them and how their love story has progressed and endured.  I’m hoping some of the other secondary characters will be the main focus of future books in the series, as I’m eager to learn more about many of them. 

In addition to the compelling characters, the plot is intriguing, suspenseful, and has a bunch of action.  The battle scenes are ferocious, intense, and, at times, a bit heart-breaking.  A captured King, ruthless enemies, and many lives at stake add so much to the intensity of the story, and I couldn’t wait to see how Svea and Ash, just two people, would be able to defeat and defy their enemy while still preserving their lives and the lives of those they are trying to rescue.  There are definitely a few nail-biting scenes!! 

This is a great addition to Rodi’s historical romance series.  It’s exciting and engrossing, and the love story is swoon-tactic!  Though it’s the second book in the series, it can easily be read as a standalone, and I would definitely recommend it to lovers of historical romance, romance, or romantic suspense.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The intrigue and suspense.

About the Author:

Sarah Rodi has always been a hopeless romantic. She grew up watching old, romantic movies recommended by her grandad, or devouring love stories from the local library. Sarah lives in the village of Cookham in Berkshire, where she enjoys walking along the River Thames with her husband, her two daughters and their dog. She has been a magazine journalist for over 20 years, but it has been her lifelong dream to write romance for Mills & Boon. Sarah believes everyone deserves to find their happy ever after. You can contact her via @sarahrodiedits or Or visit her website at

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