Book Review: Starting Over on Sunshine Corner by Phoebe Mills

About the Book:

Title: Starting Over on Sunshine Corner

Author: Phoebe Mills

Series: The Sunshine Corner

Page Length: 298

Publication Date: Feb. 7, 2023

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: Single-mom Rebecca Hayes has been so focused on raising her daughter and building her finance career, she’s not sure she even remembers how to date. The only man she’s been out with is Jackson, her very close—and very attractive—friend. But Becca isn’t getting her hopes up after they crossed the line one memorable night—she knows Jackson too well. So when she discovers she’s pregnant with his baby, Becca isn’t sure she can count on Jackson anymore . . .

Fatherhood isn’t something Jackson Lowe saw for himself. He figured he’d just keep working at his family’s landscaping business, surfing and being a happily unattached bachelor. But in his heart, he longs to build a family with Rebecca—his secret crush and the real reason he never settled down. He’s got a lot of work to do before she’ll believe he’s all in. He’s been the man Becca wants. Now, Jackson has to prove he’s ready to be the man she needs.

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My Review:

Rebecca is a single mom of a four-year-old, and she’s been focused on being a mom and having a career. Now, she’s ready to give dating another chance, and when she goes to a wedding with her best friend Jackson, she practices on him. Weeks later, Rebecca finds out she’s pregnant. She worries that the laid-back free-spirited surfer isn’t ready for fatherhood.

This is a great addition to The Sunshine Corner series. It’s heart-warming and charming, and Rebecca and Jackson are such fantastic characters. Rebecca is so easy to relate to. She’s a hard-working mom who is very organized and structured. Her best friend, Jackson, is the total opposite. Where she likes routine, Jackson is more free-spirited and carefree. It’s interesting to see how they face having a baby together, especially considering their differing outlooks on life and their hidden feelings for each other.

Jackson and Rebecca have a wonderful friends-to-lovers, opposites-attract romance. They’ve been best friends since they were young, and they’ve loved each other for a long time (though the other doesn’t know it). They have so much history, and you can tell they have a strong bond from the beginning of the story. I like how their relationship changes and grows as they both face their new reality and fight for what they want their future to look like. They have some wonderful conversations, and their time together is always filled with a bit of angst and a bunch of chemistry.

I think you could read this book as a standalone, even though it’s the third book in the series. However, the characters from the first two books are in this book too, since all of the stories take place in Heart’s Hope Bay. I always enjoy revisiting charming, small towns and finding out how the couples from the previous books are doing. Be prepared for some baby conversations because Rebecca isn’t the only one with baby news!

Special thanks to Forever Publishing for gifting me a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The friend group.


  • friends to lovers
  • opposites attract
  • single mom
  • accidental pregnancy

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