Book Review: Ending Eleven by Jerri Chisholm

About the Book:

Title: Ending Eleven

Author: Jerri Chisholm

Series: Eleven Trilogy #3

Page Length: 400

Publication Date: March 6, 2023

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Synopsis: My name is Eve Hamilton.
Everyone in Compound Eleven thinks I was killed. But they’re dead wrong…

I spent my entire life in Compound Eleven as a fighter. Surviving in an underground city filled with violence, oppression, and tyranny. We were told the world above was scorched, an immediate death sentence. I should have died never knowing the truth. Instead, when I fought Wren—a boy from the top floor, a Preme—I fell for him. And eventually learned that my reality was an insidious lie.

Escaping Compound Eleven nearly killed me and Wren. Now we’re aboveground, where the world is anything but a toxic, burning wasteland. It’s green and lush, filled with sunshine, fresh water…and hope. All of which tastes bitter when I see what it’s cost me. Because something in Wren has changed. He’s broken—along with whatever it was between us.

Now the tides of violence in Compound Eleven are rising, threatening to spill out and shatter this peaceful place with brutality, corruption, and death.

But do I stop them…or join them?

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My Review:

I have mixed feelings about this conclusion to the Eleven Trilogy. On the one hand, I liked the dystopian elements, the change in setting, and the action and suspense, but on the other, I didn’t love the character arcs, and I had questions about the plot.

I loved the concept of Eve and Wren adjusting to their new lives above ground while still trying to free those left behind. I’m also not surprised both want revenge, though that isn’t their primary motivation. I thought a lot of the new or newer characters were really interesting, especially the group Eve and Wren live with. They’re an eclectic group, all with mysterious pasts, and it’s interesting to see how they work together and form a little community. However, Eve learns quickly that this new world isn’t very different from her old one, as she witnesses power struggles, underhanded shenanigans, and some dangerous and complicated situations. I like the messages about humanity, survival, friendship, and more.

Eve’s actions sometimes confused me. I know she was fighting to help the people she left behind, but she was not there for Wren when he needed her most. I see how conflicted she is, but I don’t agree with many of her decisions, her short- sightedness, and her neglect of the person she supposedly cares for. When he has forgotten some of his memories, she doesn’t even try to help him remember even though she is the only one who knows his story. This is so different from how I thought she’d react to his injuries and amnesia. Wren changes a lot too, and it seems like jealousy and lack of communication, as well as the manipulations of other characters, lead him astray. Again, this felt like it conflicted with his character in the first two books, and the changes aren’t consistent with either of their characters.

Several parts of the plot left me frustrated too. For example, if Eve and Wren can sneak into Eleven, why can’t anyone else sneak out? Wren even manages to do it while still healing from his injuries, so why can’t anyone else? Why don’t the rebel leaders ask to go with Eve to see what it’s really like outside? That seems odd to me, especially considering how they control all other aspects of their life.

I enjoyed the series as a whole, but I thought this was just an okay ending to the series. I did like learning what happened to some of my favorite characters in the epilogue. It also briefly describes how the world has changed, which is so interesting. Thanks to Entangled Teen for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The dystopian elements.
  • Some of the characters.


I would recommend reading this from the first book, as it’s not a standalone. That being said, if you like YA dystopias, you should check this series out!

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